The Msanders triple scam case.;u=30921
So here we go.

I shipped on Tuesday thinking he shipped on Monday the… I think it’s was the 28th. I hear nothing from him till the next week, his power went out, but he did ship on Monday the week after I shipped(along with two other packages). Still no sign of them, he still clams that he shipped them. No tracking though. He does not have internet I don’t know why. So I have been TXTING him.

The two there also have not received their packages and are assuming they have been scammed.

I however have some hope due to a nice, well communicated trade with him last month with no problems.

With this info, what should be the next steps for this problem.

Thank you,
Logan(aka logi)

I shipped on April 15th he said he would do the same. I gave him his tracking # and he said that he left the tracking info in the car he would get it for me. After a couple of days maybe a week I get this reply

Hello all traders, I am so sorry for my lack of communication and extremely delayed shipping. I am doing my best with my busy schedule to accommodate my yoyoing addiction. I’ve been busy with school and electricity has gone out in my area recently. I promise with all my heart I will get all packages shipped next week, please do not report me and/or lose hope. Have a great evening and again, I am very sorry.

I thought this was strange. It sounds like he did this to other people not just me.

The next Pm I got from him said he was really busy with school and stuff and I Pm’ed him

When do you plan on shipping my yoyo? Everyone is busy he’ll I have 4 kids plus my daily life. You said you would ship the same day I did and here it is 2 weeks later still no yoyo. You sure can find time to bump your post and give people your address to send there yoyo to. A man is only as good as his word. You need to send my yoyo or I’m going to report you as a scamer and I have your address to post also. I have been trading yoyos for 10 years this is a first for me. If I don’t hear back from you today I’m going to post in your post your a scamer and going to the mods this is really crappy to do people like this. Treat people like you want to be treated if you knew that you could not ship why did you trade? Why are you still trading?

I understand people are busy. I’m extremely sorry about this huge delay. I’d greatly appreciate it if you didn’t report me. I’ve had family issues involving the loss of my grandma. I’m shipping today and definitely adding a bunch of stuff to your package. Sorry again

The next Pm I got said All Shipped. Still nothing

Don’t ship to this addy

Kristopher Shamp
1242 South Hope Ave.
Reedley, CA 93654

Or send any money to here

My paypal is

Yu guys got jipped >:( :’(

I sent him payment on the 21th of April he said he would ship Monday he said he shipped and now 3 weeks later I still have no package…

Oh my gosh! I remember that address! The guy scammed me and a bunch of people! His username used to be kristoph10!

Can you look through your pms to find that message?

It’s official.

You should post his phone number. I don’t know about you but I would call him.
Post his number Logi

If anyone did send him money you should complain to paypal maybe it’s his parents account

Interesting new info, I’ll be waiting…

Am I reading this right, that this is a conversation you had w/this guy? If so, my take is he’s just giving more excuses.

Lol yu said mmmm :smiley:
but does seem like he isn’t cooperating

Yes, last night, here is a update.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

XD So fake, he scammed like me and 4 other people, don’t even bother trying to get your hopes up, i had a friend of his give him my address so that he could ship my genesis to me.

I got excuses like:

I got so sick i had to go to the hospital
My internet wasn’t working
I lost your address

He even lied to me, thru his friend! I never even talked to the guy after i sent his stuff and he told me “ill try and get your stuff out”.

If you do talk to him, tell him that he still owes me a USA made genesis.

I’m so fed up with this guy…

That is the package I sent him . I typed the address on my computer and then put them on the box you can see the smaller return address is me Bryant Murphy He can return to sender ya right. What a jerk
He told me his grandmother had died. Why would you say something like that.
Your own grandma my god how sick is that. Karma is a bitc_. What we do today can come back and burn your *** tomorrow.

If they have lower feedback, you have to make them ship first with tracking…no exceptions. If the feedback is really low, make sure it arrives at your door as described before you ship yours. This reminds me why I never trade yo-yos, only buy or sell. I hope you didn’t lose too much. :-\

Just a mangaroo and a protostar…

Yeah, I’m done with him now.

That was no opinion, that was a fact.

Please respect that i’m at school, i need to learn, i don’t have time to explain why i’m stealing your yoyos at the moment.