yoyomasterall aka Brad Meyer Scam

Quick question:
A yoyo was shipped to me in january, but my addy in IA rather than Indiana(IN). Obviously, the same exact street address and city can not exist. So was wondering when it should return to the sender?

It should be common sense that it would make it to your house anyway, but if not, I’d give it two weeks max. Was it tracked? If so, go to the post office with the number and hopefully they can locate it. If not, you might be screwed.

He lost the tracking number. And yes, google maps can make it easy to find the address was written wrong. The shipper is going to the PO tomorrow, if they say they cant help, Im screwed out of a canvas and something else, it was so long ago I dont even remember.

The shipper should have kept that tracking number. That is the only way to have the post office investigate matters like this.

I recently watched a special on how USPS delivers packages.
The people there have an extremely complicated system to deliver.
I’m sure that if they messed up, it was an accident.

Yeah he lost it before he got home when he shipped in January. He should have gone today, and ill find out what they said. If its lost, what do?

If the shipper made a mistake on the address, and lost the tracking number, it is on him/her to compensate you for the lost throws. If this is not your error, no way you should lose out on the deal.

Pretty much this.

He says I wrote IA, but if you take a glance at your keyboard, You will notice it is about 10 keys away, I doubt it.

Type your address with IA in it on google. See if an actual address pops up.

Not possible. Cant have 2 cities with the same Zip , if you could, no chance they are both named elkhart. ALso he checked and they say its in IA still.

Doesn’t USPS rely on the zip code first? That’s how they charge you. I would think switching IA for IN wouldn’t make a difference. It should have been sent to the zip code location regardless of the state listed.

Absolutely, it was explained to me on the phone, that the reader that deciphers our handwriting on packages will pick up on the zip code first. Further, how could the shipper have USPS investigate the location of the package, if he has no tracking number? How can the post office tell you something is stuck at a specific location, without the tracking number to check the status? Something does not add up. I get the impression that someone is not being completely honest with you, and you should escalate this, by demanding compensation for the lost package. Don’t rely on what you are told, without a tracking number to back it up. If I were you dingo’, I would insist that this get resolved immediately.

He seems honest, and people from around there tell me he is. Also he says they looked at that date and found it. Luckily, its less than a 3 hour drive, and if i did get scammed, i can sort it out.

EDIT: I asked him if he is being truthful, as this does sound fishy if they go buy zip, plus I doubt they would say it isnt there problem.

He says I gave him an extra # on zip. Never mentioned that the past 2 months. #Seemslegit

I made a trade with (yoyomasterall) at the end of january. I shipped promptly, and “he did to”. He got his, I didnt. I ask where he shipped them 2 weeks later, he says I wrote IA not IN. In is 10 keys from IA ??? I said whatever and waited. 2 months later he “goes” to the PO. They tell him it isnt there problem and yell at him for asking them if they can do anything. (Doubt it) Just today he says" Oh and you put an extra 7 on the zip" EVERY zip has 5 digits, USPS would catch this right?

Also, I am told usps charges and ships according to zip, therefore it would not be in Iowa as he claims.

I gave:
The yoyos
Fast Shipping

he gave
His word that he shipped and “lost” tracking on the way home.

So, if I want, I can make him give me mine back right? I mean, even if i did say the wrong address, common sense from USPS would catch it, they ship by zip, he has no proof, and if he had proof, it may be my fault for giving the wrong addy, but he has no proof he shipped, or that I gave him the wrong address.

Also, I just realized he told me about the alleged extra 7 AFTER I mentioned they ship by Zip. Fiiishy.

EDIT:Also, i am not just straight calling him a scammer yet, but i am very suspicious. And he just said he has none of the yoyos, but I could have him compensate me right?

let me make something clear. i am the person he is having an issue with. the adress he sent me was iowa (IA) he lives in indiana. he also had an extra 7 at the end of his zip. i clearly told him.that when we first found out the adress was wrong. he is now accusing me of never saying it. i have gone to the post office twice now within the last month. twice they have told me its in a iowa sorting thing. i went yesterday. they told me the same thing and told me it wasnt their problem. if your wondering how they can search it, all you have to do is give them your adress and it shows all items shipped from that adress. why they excepted the package with a 6 number zip i dont know. ive had many issues with this post office before. I just wanted to present my side of the story before being called a scammer. thank you.

you notified me of the address, after you shipped, and I said that you told me. But why wait to say about the 7 until I say they ship by zip?

You of all people don’t deserve this.

Keeping the person unnamed doesn’t help.

He sounds like a liar based off the fact he ‘lost’ the tracking code on the way home. #1 statement made by a scammer/liar.

Do you have the message of you giving him your shipping info???

he named himself, so I will say it is yoyomasterall.

i didnt i told you when we found out that you gave me the wrong adress. look in your inbox. they save automaticly