yoyomasterall aka Brad Meyer Scam

Can you provide a link to his account??

If he knew there was an extra digit on the package, why would he have not said anything then? Most people know there’s only 5 digits (there’s actually like 9 I think) but if I were to give you a 6 digit Zip Code, wouldn’t you ask about it?? Lol.

Also, if the zip code of the package and the state don’t match, I’m about 99% it would raise a flag in USPS’s system upon acceptance into the system.

once again i will state i told him about the extra number in the zip when we found out he gave me the wrong adress. i told him to look in his inbox for the message it should be there

And why would they accept a 6 digit code? Why would he tell me 5 mins after I say they ship by zip(2months later)? And why did he lose tracking when I specifically asked? And why did they yell at him for asking for customer service? AND WHY wouldnt it go back to return address? These should not be answered, just valid points.

And I am searching, I have gotten 80+ pages of messages since then

And honestly, i dont care what he says, he has no proof of shipping. If I dont get your yoyos, I get something back, im not about to get scammed. Or a package get lost and not get compensated for it, since you have no tracking.

I actually threw away the receipt on accident the last time I shipped (on impulse). I obviously didn’t scam though.
They also always check to make sure that where youre shipping it to is a real destination.

how many times do i have to state i told you. and my dad shipped the package im sorry. i didnt.know the tracking was om the recepit. i looked all over his car for atleast 20 minutes when you asked me if i could look for it.

Okay let’s walk through this.

  1. Dingo gives you his information, which allegedly had a 6 digit zip code.
  2. Then in your words… “i told him about the extra number in the zip when we found out”

Then what happened?

You shipped it anyway? Lol?

Did you decide to use the first five digits or the last five digits? I mean, for a guy who has done 25+ transactions… well… I guess I shouldn’t put it past you when you told someone to go “F” themselves, when you sent them stripped yoyo’s?

What did the USPS guy say when the zip code and state didn’t match up. Cuz first you allegedly mailed it to Iowa, instead of… Indiana?

Then you lost the tracking code.

Then the zip code had 6 digits.

Then your dad shipped.

Anymore points in your defense?

What happened was he ships, says be there friday by latest. The next friday i say where did you ship it? he says the IA addy, if i find the message i will quote it. And this is 2 weeks after shipping he told me…

Heres one quote:

Here is the address one(After he shipped)

Go to messages, search, advanced search and search by dingo54 and match any words. The typoe Lewis Street or something in my addy. Quote what i wrote.

i didnt feel a need to tell you where i shipped it because i thought it was your adress. and skyhighyo i understand what your saying. they excepted it with 6 digits in the zip. i dont know why but it went through

Dingo54, go to your messages and go through the pages until you get to dates that are around the time you guys were making the deal.

Quoting those messages could instantly end this lol

Also, from some quick google searching, it appears a lot of other countries have six digit postal codes, so I think that would really raise a flag upon acceptance into the system.

The post office would have returned the package to the written return address as soon as they saw the error. That’s assuming they would even accept something like that to begin with.

I’ve accidentally written the wrong address on a package before, and it couldn’t be delivered. They returned it to my house, and I changed it to the correct address. No issues. They won’t deliver a package to an address that doesn’t exist.

Also to let everyone know, i have no proof he is a scammer, but he has no proof he shipped. SO if he did, I still need something back since he didnt get proof.


Click “My Messages”

On the left side Under Inbox and outbox, there is “Preferances”

Under Preferences, click “Search Messages”.

In the field, type the ‘Digits of your address’. For instance, mine is “14453”. When I type 14453 into the search, it brings up every message I sent with my address in it.

This will quickly find your message sent to yoyomasterall with your address in it

I dont save outbox messages. :frowning:


This is still very fishy.

I think a mod should take over

Yeah, and thanks for having my back! Not sure if mods can read pm’s doubt it, but if they could he should have got it around february 1-6

Gah! Hit quote not modify to fix grammar, my bad.

The post office rejects it immediately. They type the zip in once it’s brought to the post office. In the case of a 6 digit zip code, they’d give it back to you and tell you to fix it.

that answers a LOT! If there was a thank you, Id hit it.

wasnt that stated before? some post offices may decline and give it back. others may just except it so they dont need to deal with it. thats my post office. ive had tons of problems with it

That’s what I thought.

I’m shipping a package tomorrow, I’ll ask what happens when we provide a 6 digit code.