Beware if dealing with Markie info in post.

Markie is the member that I have had issues with;u=26181

I bought a puffin from him and basically I sent payment through PayPal and he delayed sending the throw for 3 or 4 days saying “he didn’t know he had to claim payment” then promised sending the yoyos the next day after payment was received but I got another message from Markie saying “my boss worked with me extra today so I couldn’t get it sent out but tomorrow I’ll send it.”

The next day late I got delivery confirmation and then the box showed up 3 days later empty, Markie shipped the yoyo in a small priority box and didnt bother using a pick of tape on the box, the box was empty, I’ve tried to reach this member with a few PMs and a few more email, and messages from a PayPal dispute with no replies and then I escalated the dispute but still no replies from Markie.

So I’m questioning whether he even bothered to out anything in the box since he isn’t replying also looking at his profile he has been on the forum today not long ago again zero replies. Be very cautious when dealing with this member I hate to make post like this but I’ve been given no other option.

Just had a very smooth deal with him. Give him time

Update the post office confirmed my claim and is now pursuing the matter as it was likely that nothing was sent after talking with every hand that touched the package along the way.

Here were a few that had good experiences but not me. Markie was very uncooperative through the process, never replied to the PayPal claim nor to the post office inquiry. And only replied to a couple of PMs here then absolutely silence. Makes for a very shady deal all the way around.

I read this awhile back, hoping that things would be made right by now. Pretty messed up what happened.

Receipts from the post office even detail the total weight of the package sent, so that would have gone a long way if he could show that he mailed a box the same weight as a yo-yo plus packing material. If he mailed an empty box, his receipt would reflect it anyway. I always save my receipts, for more reasons than one.

Due to little or no response from him, you should go ahead and issue the negative feedback for the transaction. It’s too bad that even after your post here, you have not heard anything more from him. :-\

I’m hoping paypal atleast sided with you and issued a refund?

Yeah this guy was very in cooperative and just stopped communicating and didnt not respond to the PayPal claim; PayPal did side in my favor. It is a shame that this would happen he obviuosly had a few good transactions.

If he didnt do anything shady he would have stopped the excuses and made contact, but such is life and I will be extremely choosy about my dealings with anyone in the bst from now on.

I did indeed leave negative feedback.

Shame that a few bad apples ruins the entire bunch.