Really frustrated with a stand up community member.

I sent payment for the limited edition throws to a manufacturer/member over three months ago and haven’t gotten an update in 2 months of why I don’t have the throws yet. At first they were very prompt and explained why they weren’t in the mail so I was perfectly satisfied.

Well -$950 and three months since sent payment I’m more than just mad. This is by far the worse business transaction I’ve had in yoyo terms. The member seemed and most likely seems to be a great asset to the forum but when he goes months and months without contacting me about the holdup then things change quite quickly.

What to do, what to do???

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You need to name the guy if you are in that position. No point in just complaining about a nameless person.

Well, you totally Screwed up, so it can only possibly get better. I’ll go point by point,

  1. Don’t come on to the Board, saying ‘he’s a standup guy and great asset to the forum’. <> that should not even be mentioned if you out 950 bucks, 3 months later and No Yoyos.

^^^^^That is not a stand up guy. And if the guy is a SCAMMER, it doesn’t matter what he does, ‘helpful’ on this Forum.

  1. You didn’t say how many yoyos are involved, but for 950 bucks, I would have to guess at least 2 or 3 Why didn’t you test his Stand up factor, by sending far less money and getting one Yoyo first?

  2. If a guy takes a month to send out a Paid for Yoyo, he is Slow. If a guy takes 2 months to send out paid for yoyos, he is Lazy and a very Poor Businessman. If a guy not only sends you nothing for your money in two months, but makes things even worse by Failing to respond/communicate with/to you, between months: 2 and 3; then he is not slow. And he is not lazy. He is a class A Scammer… As soon as a seller cuts off communication, the blame is all on him.

You bring this problem to the Forum, because you are looking for some avenue to achieve some resolution, right? <> So, if that is your motivation, then the solution is simple. As jhb8426 suggested; state the name of this 'stand up (A.s-set) to the Yoyo forum.

Don’t be shy now. Lay out the Deal for us. Tell us what you were supposed to get for your $950. If you have email saved from this guy, copy and paste his explanation about how fast he was going to ship the yoze after payment?

If he is playing you and ‘you’ feel that you to are a asset to the Forum, then you should understand that he may have several other people, on the hook, as we speak.

Sort it out right here on the Board, so at least somebody else might not get ‘boned’ by somebody that is obviously comfortable, being a Thief.

I am not saying we all should totally believe you and just go get a rope for a neck tie party.

Laying it out will give the Seller a perfect opportunity to chime into this thread and tell us all how he thinks it’s ok to ‘Sit’ on you ‘almost 1000’ dollars and not even bother to tell you ‘What’s up’.

… Possibly save somebody else from getting ‘jammed’ by someone pretending to be ‘An asset’ to the Forum.

STATE, the name. He will have the Golden Opportunity to makes things right.

If he Fixes the problem, then he learned a lesson about ‘handling business’.

If he doesn’t square up with you, we have learned a lesson and Who not to deal with.

If your stated amount($950) was not a mis-print, then we are looking at a Serious situation, here.

…since people have gone to Jail for stealing a 6 pack or a Carton of Cigarettes, no doubt, $950 is not petty theft.

Get your facts and time-line in order and Post up your Story, complete with names.

It’s time for a Heads up.

Hmmm…I’m just trying to make sure I understand things correctly. You bought limited edition throws from a yo-yo manufacturer who is also a member of the forum. You mentioned that it’s been 3 months since you paid the seller, and you haven’t heard from the seller in 2 months. So, you had contact about one month after the payment. After that one month, the seller had a reasonable explanation for the delay. But, you haven’t heard anything from the seller since then, and you got nothing in the mail either. :-\

It is possible that this person mailed things out, but it got lost in the mail. It is odd though, if you have not received a message with a tracking number that the package was on it’s way. If this person is extremely busy, it may have slipped through the cracks. I have no idea who the person is, what volume of business they conduct, and how many items they ship per month, so it’s hard to gauge. I would suggest some direct contact, since you had no contact in months, and express your frustration, while demanding a tracking number for the purchase.

I think it’s way too late to resolve the transaction through Paypal. I believe PayPal only gives you up to 45 days to dispute transactions. I suggest some direct contact, and get the feeling it might get resolved that way. It sounds like you contacted the seller once in three months about this, or at least that you haven’t tried to make contact in months, so the seller may be unaware that there is still an issue. Give that a try.

To state anything more…I’d really need a lot more detail. I agree that knowing who it is, what you bought, how many times you initiated contact, the reason you were given for the delay, and whether they are ignoring you now, would get you some better advice toward a resolution.

Totalartist is the most fair and logical person in the History of this Forum.

That being said, if I totally misunderstood what the OP said, then Totalartist probably gave you some very valid advice.

^^^That… Being said, if I did indeed understand what your situation is, than Sara is being way too nice.

There is absolutely NO REASON, to fail to immediately send a tracking number to the buyer, immediately after shipping.

When I ship a Yoyo, I ship by Priority Mail, insured for value. Tracking number is now automatic with Priority shipping.

I send the buyer his tracking number, while I am still at the Post Office. Sometimes, as soon as I step away from the Service counter. It is the most important thing for buyer and seller; to be able to keep track of the item.

I have even taken a picture of the tracking number and mailed it from my Smartphone. That way there is no chance I will transpose the numbers, etc.

This isn’t Rocket Science.

There is only 1 way to make a deal. If you are the buyer and your money is ‘good’ and sent, then the Sellers responsibility to follow through with the second half of the deal should be SWIFT and effectively done.

If the Seller strikes a deal but cannot ship in a timely manner, then ‘A Verbal’ promise should ‘hold’ the deal until a few days or less before Seller can ship. Nobody needs to ‘Sit’ on your money while they plod along, getting things ready to fly. <>Who mails a check to a Restaurant, a month before they go there to have Dinner?

Within a day of payment received, Seller should follow 3 steps<>

  1. Great packaging/padding of correct item(s). 2. Clearly written mailing label/clear taped over to weather proof the address. 3. Get the package shipped and the tracking information to the buyer as soon as possible.

If the seller runs into personal problems, he should not hesitate to contact the buyer, even if his reason/excuse is/sounds silly. Just spit it out. Avoiding the other party is Rule number 1 of what not to do in a deal.

Anything short of doing something right, is doing it wrong.

There is only 1 way to make a deal; the right way. No second option.

Understand that the reality is, the big loving close knit Yoyo community is not comprised of Holy men who do no wrong. It is just a large group of people with strings on their fingers. Some of them reserve on finger one each hand. <>1 finger to show you their I.Q. And 1 finger to show you what they actually think of you.

95 percent of Yoyo folks are on the level. That remaining 5 percent seems small, unless you get stuck in a deal with one of them.


I haven’t been on the forums for too long, but what these people are saying makes a lot of sense. Contact a mod, name the guy, and forget your conscience. Whether or not he’s trying to scam you he messed up big time and the people of this forum should know this, now. So, just seconding their words, do what they say :wink:

Thanks Mo! He knows me better than most on the forum. Yoyodoc is right actually. I honestly believe whoever this is probably never mailed the items out. I’m basing that guess on the delay, and no tracking number to prove shipment. We know you didn’t receive them. But, I don’t have all the facts I use to give my very best advice. If they were not mailed out, there is no acceptable excuse, and this was a mistake at the very least. But, I think the lack of communication throughout the past several months has been where this went wrong. If I paid almost a grand for yo-yos, and did not have them in my hands within one week…I would have had a Paypal claim in around the ten day mark. When it comes to a transaction involving that amount of money…I am on top of things until the package arrives. Even if I spent a third of that, my mind would be on it each day until I got it in the mail. I just anticipate my toys to that degree that it would never slip my mind. I only spent over $900 one time in a yo-yo related transaction…so that, even for me, is a very big deal.

Not sure why there isn’t a “thank you” option on this board.

That being said… Thank you Mo.

If it’s worth posting in this forum about it is worth completely calling the guy out by name, being vague isn’t going to help anything.

I never would’ve sent $950 as a gift (unless it was actually a gift or payment for an item I’ve already received), and I would never let PayPal’s 45 day period pass without filing a dispute. Whether you sent as a gift or not, after 3 months you are at the mercy of the seller (who obviously hasn’t sent anything, believing otherwise is somewhere between naive and insane). Not to rub salt in your wounds, but some of you people are way too lenient and optimistic.

Contacting him yourself clearly hasn’t helped bring any resolution, the only option is to attempt to force him into action by posting here (useless unless he feels pressure as a result of being called out by name) or getting into contact with someone you know he knows and try to get to the bottom of the problem. My experiences and experiences I’ve read about in the yoyo world lead me to believe that you are still likely to eventually get your yoyos after this long wait than to be completely stiffed but the longer this goes on the worse it gets for you.

If someone owed me $950 worth of anything and wasn’t forthcoming with the swag, I’d have zero sensitivity to his privacy or reputation.

I agree that $950 is one heck of a yo-yo transaction. Now that I think of it, the one time I spent that in one shot, I had a $250 gift certificate, so it wasn’t even that big for me. So, someone should have been really appreciative that you were willing to spend it with them in one transaction by buying direct. It is not the kind of transaction that should slip your mind…unless you are raking that in every day…several times a day. Personally, I would have sent the order by FedEx overnight, hoping you might have a lot more where that $950 came from. :smiley: You want to keep a customer like that happy.

Come again sir…come again. ;D

Yeah, please name the guy and give us the specifics.

Thanks all.

I hadn’t been all that worried about it until after Xmas season had come and gone. He said it was the busiest time of the year for his yoyo company back in oct/nov and had to order a spacer because one got broken while trying to get it into the yoyo.

He had told me he needed to make the spacers and get them in one of the three that I purchased. I told him once they were ready to send invoice through PayPal. A week or so later I hadn’t heard anything so PMed him and got the reply about ordering a spacer. That was the first red flag since once I sent payment I was under the impression they were ready. He then asked if I wanted him to ship the other two and I said yes.

I contacted a forum member who actually told the seller to contact me about the yoyos after another 10 days went by without receiving them. I asked him if he thought I was safe and if he thought I should file PayPal claim as the 45 day period would be up in a week or so. The forum member said the seller has been known to take a while to ship but didnt think any scamming was going on. He said he would talk to him and ask about it. He PMed me that he did talk to the seller and was told they would be shipped right away.

Since I was dealing with a manufacturer and others have always had good things to say about him I figured I was safe. I sent him a PM before making this thread and will give him another day or so to either provide me with a tracking number or refund. If I don’t get a response then I’ll inform everyone who it is. I just hate to ruin a guys rep if there was some mailing issues or whatever else could have happened if its honest mistake. Sometimes things happen and there’s nothing you can do about it. But the lack of status pms or updates is deffinately sad business practices for sure.

^ I think you have been over and above fair about it. Even if this works out, definitely advise people who made you wait this long. Even if it ends up being a very long delay shipping $950 worth of throws, let people know, so their eyes are wide open dealing with this person. If there is another problem with this seller, the word will be out, for buyers to put a claim in ASAP.

I really encourage you to name the guy. This is uncalled for.

Look, if you haven’t been updated on the status of the throws for 2 months, you need to name the guy. Don’t try to be a nice guy with someone who has blatantly scammed you. We can’t help you if you don’t. And I suggest changing the title of the thread, if they’re really a “stand up” guy, then they would not have scammed you in the first place. And if you do not let us know his name, then you’re doing him a favor. By naming him, you are also informing others not to do a deal with him to avoid being scammed. I’ve seen people calling others out for MUCH less than what this piece of trash did to you. In fact, I’ve seen friends call each other out on the forums for shipping late.

I don’t want to add to a “chicken pecking party”, but it’s worth mentioning that naming the guy could potentially also save someone ELSE from getting scammed.

No. I haven’t read or heard anything bad about this vendor until now.

Greg, don’t chime in and misrepresent the motivations of folks that disdain people getting ripped. This is no Chicken pecking party.

But, actually, I can use your key words to identify this situation, amazingly.

There is a Chicken in this equation. He is the guy that refuses to ‘contact’ the buyer, to keep him updated on the location of his money or the location of the yoyos he paid for.

And there is a ‘pecker’ in this equation, also. He is the seller that is sitting on $950 and 3 yoyos that aren’t his. That certainly qualifies him as a pecker.

And this is a party of sorts. We are getting together to celebrate Midlifeyoyomans’ promotion from Sap, to 1st class Sucker.

Rocket Science? Tell ya what, let’s melt down the rocket and put the science book in the closet.

I posted up a two reply lecture. I literally drew the OP pictures with words, he could move around in his head. I said what I could, to squeeze some sense into his head. To alter his view to recognize that the Seller is only half the problem.

Midlifeyoyoman is the second half of the problem. After everything we said up to the point of his response, he is still defending the exact person that has yet to respond to him and yet has all the marbles.

Let me try this again. When the communication stops, the person that stopped communicating is the Punk. And the one that defends him is the Sucker.

…Midlifeyoyoman, DO NOT MAKE ANY EXCUSES FOR the unknown Scammer. And DO NOT CALL THE GUY A Manufacturer. Manufacturers’ like to stay in Business. And in achieving that end, go out of their way to make sure they don’t Screw anybody. And riddle me this<> what kind of Yoyo does this manufacturer produce where he can break a spacer while trying to install it. And you paid $950 for 3 yoyos that use spacers? What expensive yoyos use spacers anymore?

Spit it out. Do not protect this guy that is obviously showing you nothing for your money.

State his name and what you paid for. Give us all the details. Give him the Golden opportunity to redeem himself. He may indeed be experiencing some difficulties. But not responding to you is not acceptable.

… ‘You’ don’t want to ruin his ‘Reputation’? He already has a Reputation; it’s all bad at the moment.

So, put the Spotlight on this 'uh, manufacturer.

Even if you are writing off your money, if you don’t name drop, then you are turning us All into potential victims.

By naming the Seller, you are not hanging the Seller. By naming the Seller, you are not ruining his Reputation. By naming the Seller, you are letting him know the Spotlight is now on him.

And, if he wants to ‘Have’ a reputation, he has the opportunity to step up and say he has been Buried in deep manure and has never left anyone hanging before and he is going to Get either your Yoze or you money back to you, within 1 week from tomorrow, complete with tracking number.

If he refuses to make things ‘right’ with you, then: he has no reputation, he has no future selling yoyos and he is not to be mistaken for a Manufacturer.

Am I mad, cuz I sound mad? Not at all. I just happen to be a graduate of the Assertiveness Training program at MYOWN Institute.

I just don’t like to hear about people getting bent over for good money or any money. But almost a $1000?

And the Buyer is trying to protect the guy?

Nah, I don’t think so.