Poor packaging, and now being ignored by kumowolf

I promptly paid for a project markmont yoyo from kumowolf, and I received it in a timely manner. However this is how I received the yoyo, in a padded envelope with no other packaging whatsoever. I bought the yoyo knowing it was in rough shape, but this is disrespectful. I just requested that kumowolf give me positive feedback for prompt payment, and I have given him a month to respond to two messages, and he just ignored me. So I am left no choice but to post this example of poor packaging.

Did the yoyo get damaged? I can see the issue if it was damaged but if it wasn’t then I am unsure what the complaint is about. Just the lack of feedback? I only get about 50% feedback on my trades/sales. I leave 100% but get feedback in return much less often.
I once got a yoyo from eastern Europe in just a tyvek bag no padding at all, and it was fine. One of my favorite throws. Disrespectful is definitely overstating it. It was kinda’ risky on his side but I am unsure what where it lacked any respect.

Yeah if it arrived ok, no worries. I just receive one that was almost packaged well cept it kind of fell straight through the padding directly onto the box. Still arrived fine so no problem by me!

I have no way of telling if it incurred extra damage. The fact that it might have, because of neglect, is completely unacceptable. To further the problem, he has since ignored any attempt to communicate about it.

Just because it might have arrived there safe doesn’t mean its okay.

No one should EVER ship a yoyo like that . There’s no protection at all and not to mention he left the throw unscrewed .
Axle could have easily been bent .

Not caring if it takes extra damage is the disrespectful part of it IMO.

Yup that’s nonsense.

I don’t appreciate poor packaging either. :stuck_out_tongue: But, I would only give a negative feedback, if the throw did not arrive as described. If I wanted to communicate about the poor packing, I’d send a short note to him, hoping to help him avoid problems in future deals. But, it’s totally his choice if he does not want to respond. After the deal is completed, and you received the throw as described, in my view, he has no obligation to continue communication with you.

I’m usually a buyer in BST deals. So, the way I handle feedback is that I give feedback after I get feedback. If I fulfill my end of the deal first (I bought the yo-yo), then I should get my feedback first. Technically, while I’m waiting for the yo-yo to be shipped, I should already have feedback. Ebay stopped allowing sellers to give negative feedback to buyers. Once you pay on time, as a buyer, your end of the deal has been fulfilled. When I get my feedback, I try to reciprocate as soon as possible.

the packaging is very poor i would be ashamed to even say i had a part in the shipping of that yoyo… the people who have bought from me before know my love of bubble wrap and tape…

anyway if it came as described i would leave nuetral feedback saying that you might want to ask this person to package his yoyos better when you buy from him… mostly it would be just to leave a little warning about the way he ships.

i don’t think “disrespect” is the right word here…

I think Alecto’s response is a good one. Leave a comment about the packaging for future buyers to see so they can request better protection of their purchase. I understand your concern about the potential damage a yoyo can incur in a simple bubble envelope, but the truth is, I’ve received many yoyos this way and they have been fine (even assembled yoyos). But if there WAS extensive damage that was clearly created by poor packaging, I would most definitely expect the seller to take it back. So a neutral feedback from you would help this person avoid future troubles when making sales.

I hope you have fun with your new throw!