Question about feedback


I bought a rare clyw throw from someone, he claimed the throw was smooth before sending it and it seems semi smooth. Except upon receiving the throw in the mail today I was super excited and I go to open the smal flat rate box he used an I hear the throw inside shaking around, I open it and my caribou street chief was shipped with no padding what so ever, not even newspaper. The chief wasn’t even taken apart, he just broke down the box and put the chief inside the box sealed up and that was that. I’m not sure if I should leave negative feedback or neutral because the box wasn’t even stamped fragile he could have told the people a the PO it was fragile at least if he wasn’t going to use padding. I said something to him but haven’t received a reply. Not trying to put him on blast, I would just like to know what to do because this is a rare chief, and I paid 150$ for it so I mean would it have hurt to even use newspaper? I had someone use toilet paper and even tho it’s dusty it’s better then nothing lol.

Any Input would be great.


Yes, leave him either neutral or negative feedback…

It is his responsibility to ensure that what you paid for comes to you undamaged.

It’s entirely his fault.


Proper packaging is very important.

I once got a yoyo fully assembled in a padded envelope. No box, but just padded envelope. A single mess up from a USPS employee and that yoyo would have been toast. I had no problem leaving neutral feedback for that person.


It would have been nice had he put any type of padding even the envelope if it was a plastic like a whip I could understand but not a caribou street chief :confused:

I did everything right on my part so I’m afraid if I leave him neutral feedback he will leave me the same neutral or negative feedback

What happens if I leave neutral and he leaves me neutral or negative? All I had to do was pay but I paid earlier then I had originally told him I would and communicated with him every step of the way

I almost feel as if I’m forced to leve positive feedback so I don’t get neutral or negative from him


i would leave the neutral or neg feedback for him. and if/when he leave you neg/neutral feedback you have the paypal reciept to prove you did nothing wrong.



You can contact a moderator and they can probably change the feedback if he leaves negative feedback.


I would leave neutral feedback. If you did what was expected there’s no reason to get less than positive.

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Honest feedback protects everyone. Just say it like it is! :wink:


Thats a pretty messed up deal my friend, I would try to get a hold of him first and let him know hey thats messed up, but at least leave neutral feedback stating their was terrible packaging.


I would do a neutral feedback and give an explaination.
Hmmm dusty toilet paper? So that’s where the lints been coming from.


I texted him after receiving the throw and told him it wasn’t cool to just toss te throw into the box without any bubble wrap but haven’t received a reply and it was via text

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Sounds like he’s indifferent. I’d say neutral feedback for him. He completed the deal, but put something of value at great risk. That was just lazy anyway. It would have taken all of thirty seconds to wrap the halves separately.


You shouldn’t worry about him leaving you bad feedback for no reason. I received a yoyo once that was described as mint, but was covered in scratches when I got it in the mail. The only padding was one paper towel. I left him negative feedback. Now he isn’t even an active forum member anymore (as far as I know) just because he scammed me out of my Avalanche.


I wrote something up about this that I will post soon, regarding the way people pack throws. But, my advice is to give positive feedback in this instance. It sounds like you got the throw in the condition you expected. He got lucky, so the proper action is to give him positive, and PM him about his lack of packing material.

If he continues, it will catch up to him, and someone else will give neutral or negative, when the condition of their yo-yo is compromised. For you, that was not the case. It definitely had a bumpy ride though. For all we know, your definition of “semi smooth” and his description of “smooth” are the exact same. The degree of smoothness is subjective.

Give him positive and school him on packing. You don’t give feedback based on what “could have gone wrong.” You base feedback on whether something, in fact, went wrong. It appears nothing went wrong. It was a positive transaction, and you got what you paid for in good cosmetic and working condition, as advertised.


Actually, he said it didn’t come in the condition it said it was in…

Semi smooth… Seems like it’s not totally smooth…


Exactly. ;D


So do I leave positive feedback and write what he did? Or leave neutral? Because that one guy said I should leave positive because it came intact lol


Neutral. I mean, that laziness should be documented. If he will do that with a $150 yoyo, imagine what he would do with someone elses. Atleast when people look at his feedback they will see that he has done this before. Clearly you weren’t pleased, so I don’t understand why you would put “positive” implying you were satisfied with how things went down


True, I wasn’t pleased at all. I’m gonna wait for him to leave me feedback and then I’m gonna leave neutral feedback.


Again, smooth, semi-smooth, is all a type of being…smooth, which is relative and an “opinion” anyway. If the yo-yo is smooth, no problem with it in my eyes. I don’t know what the problem is with the transaction if you get it in good working and cosmetic condition. I have an issue with the way half the throws sent to me are packed, but it did not warrant a neutral feedback in my eyes. If it was fine when I received it, no harm done, and while the packing was not suitable to me, it obviously worked out just fine. Also, even if that yo-yo was not smooth, you have no way to prove the packing was the cause. It could be that his definition of smooth, and yours are just…different, as I’ve seen so many times on the forum. I would never give someone a neutral feedback who sent me the yo-yo in good working and cosmetic condition, as advertised. This discrepancy of smooth and semi smooth is just a difference of opinion on a “smooth spectrum” and it is not even like he said it was smooth and it was not smooth at all. I don’t even agree with using the term semi smooth but that is for another thread. Either something is smooth or it is not to me, there is no semi smooth or kind of smooth, a little smooth and so on. If you say semi smooth…to me, that’s smooth enough for a positive feedback. If you want to help the guy out so he does not get a negative from someone in the future, for a damaged yo-yo, you can give him advice about it in a PM. It sounds to me like the yo-yo is just fine. I read the original post several times, and I cannot find anything “wrong” with the throw. It sounds like the problem is the way it was packed, which cannot be connected to any damage caused to the yo-yo. Feedback based on what “could have” happened, in my opinion, is unfair. I would not have been happy either, if I got the box and it sounded like a jigsaw puzzle was in there. But, if I opened up the box and everything was as described, he said it was smooth and the thing was not vibing like crazy…I would just say “whew that was a close one,” send the guy a PM about packing better to prevent problems in the future, and give him a positive feedback.