It seems like whenever you leave someone negative feedback they feel as if they need to retalliate and leave you negative feedback even if u didn’t do anything wrong.

For example: I just made a deal with Yokaiyo to buy his hectic and Neaue. The Neaue came just as described and I’m happy with it. The hectic was described to be in “perfect” condition but when I received it I saw it had a couple small dings. I told Yokaiyo about this and asked him for some kind of reimbursement but when kept asking if he could do something to make it right he just ignored me. So after a week I decided to just leave negative feedback because the yoyo came not as described. But then after Yokaiyo saw I left him negative feedback he left me neutral feedback, I know it’s not negative feedback but it doesn’t look good to have a neutral. And I did absolutely nothing wrong. I sent him the money via PayPal may 2 minutes after we agreed on a price. This, my fellow forumgoers grinds my gears

Just tell the moderators and they will remove it.

We need both parties to agree before we remove feedback.

How much of a reimbursement did you want and where’s the listing saying they were mint?

Pics of the two small dings? Could be something he missed, and honestly, if it’s just two tiny dings, then why do you feel the need for a reimbursement?

Idk maybe about 5-10$. It’s just the principle of the thing though

Assuming Mordo is being truthful in saying that the yoyos shipped in worse condition than described, this guy shouldn’t have left him a neutral feedback when Mordo dropped the negative feedback. People need to realize that the negative feedback is their punishment for being untruthful, and that retaliatory feedback is childish and immature. I believe in this case, it’s more objective than anything.

Edit: Mordo ninja’d me :smiley:

I know for a fact that the guy in question is a 10 year old using his brothers account.

How much did you actually spend on the hectic?

If I’m a buyer, and I pay first, I should also receive feedback first. Once you perform your duty as a buyer, and you pay, feedback is immediately due in my eyes. Period.

A lot of sellers wait to give buyers feedback, until they know a buyer is satisfied, because they are afraid you might not be satisfied, and give them a negative. If they have already issued you feedback, they cannot retaliate, as was done here. This is a flaw in the system.

When I buy a yo-yo, and pay immediately, there is no feedback issued until they issue feedback first. If I held up my end first, I want my feedback first…in that order. But, if everything is cool when I get the yo-yo, I have no problem issuing first.

You are having this problem, because you held up your end first, but you did not wait for him to give you feedback first. This is the exact reason why you cannot give a buyer negative feedback on Ebay. Ebay did the right thing. Once you have proof that you paid on time, there is no justification for a seller to give you a negative…other than to retaliate. Ebay fixed the flaw, and it should be done here. Until that happens, buyers…get your feedback first.

But, that aside, if I was a moderator, I would remove that retaliatory feedback for these reasons:

  1. There is no dispute that you paid the agreed upon price, and therefore held up your end;
  2. I read his detailed feedback comments, and he is not disappointed with your transaction for any reason other than the fact that…you are not satisfied. He wrote stuff about what you negotiated, but that is irrelevant, because he agreed to the deal.

This screams a bogus feedback. The bottom line for a seller is to be paid on time, and if you have proof of that, any neutral is definitely bogus.

Thanks but the mods say that they won’t change it so oh well

Were they dings or were they pinpricks?

I’m pretty lenient when giving feedback, he might’ve just missed it… What’s a couple small marks going to do really… Neutral feedback was probably the worst he should’ve gotten, and only because he didn’t respond back to you. An apology would’ve been more than enough, I personally wouldn’t of have asked for compensation. Like, what’s a few small marks going to do honestly…

However, I don’t think it’s right that he gave you neutral feedback for that, because your side of the transaction went fine, but I still don’t think negative feedback was necessary…

I’ve received throws in slightly worse condition than mentioned, but I just shrugged it off, because I know, it could’ve just been missed, I could be more picky than the other, and it’s not a big deal anyways, gave them positive feedback, didn’t even mention it.

Agree completely with TotalArtist on every point. The system is most certainly flawed although for a forum feedback system I’m not sure how much it can really be improved.

I recently had an annoying ordeal for a ~$600 purchase of Playmaxx stuff that I dealt with only via PayPal dispute instead of YYE and I’m afraid to leave the negative feedback that is deserved (that would potentially help other buyers in the future be more wary of a purchase from that member) out of fear of a retaliatory negative. Seller was the nicest guy ever (although just getting him to agree to method of payment was an ordeal that should’ve put me off the deal to begin with) but 12 throws described as “perfect” condition showing up in somewhere from poor-good condition is completely unacceptable and resulted in me instantly filing a PayPal dispute. I won the dispute and was refunded the full amount but it was a waste of my time and the return shipping was $15 out of my pocket.

All that said, I definitely wouldn’t have left a negative for the issue in the OP. I would’ve just left a neutral or more likely no feedback and a sort of bad taste in my mouth.

oops, leave the feedback as you see it.

I completely agree with oops here when he said neutral or negative feedback… All though it’s the principle behind it… 5$-10$ it would be 15$ when all fees are said and done and that’s still a small amount of money… And like it was said before if they were small he could’ve just missed them or the damage could’ve even been inflicted by the carelessness of the usps even if it had a lot of packing things get tossed around and squished we all know it and should be a little more lienient when it comes down to a couple tiny scrapes… :slight_smile:

I disagree that leniency is called for. If a seller describes a yoyo as “perfect”, then it should be. Personally, I make sure to get multiple pictures of yoyos before making payment. If the yoyo arrives and doesn’t match the pics exactly, then I want a full refund including my return shipping. Anything short of that deserves at least neutral feedback.