Be cautious when dealing with avengedseven77


Ok, so recently I traded my Go Pro for avengedseven77’s supposedly MWB Quake. I received it with 2 pin pricks and a scratch, which were all noticeable damages, and not to mention without the box. Here are a few pictures of the damage. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr

And the scratch by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr

I did contact him about the damage, but he told me the yoyo did not have damage before it was shipped out. In the pics from his BST, there are some specks that may look like dust at first, but they are distanced just like the circled damage in my picture above. He said that if I had seen the pinpricks in the picture, then I must have known that they were there, and because he stated that the yoyo was mint, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr

I also took a picture at a similar angle to the first pic, and the damage can indeed be seen from the top view. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr

Here is my picture. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr

What I wanted was $20 as compensation for the damage. This is very justifiable, considering how much a yoyo goes down in resell value just for a bit of damage. He said that the scratch was so small that it could have been a dog hair. and that I was crazy for being able to see pinpricks that are not “noticeable.” He also tries to tell me his post stated the Quake will not come with a box. After checking his post, it indeed did say so, but this was because he edited his post to say so. I have a screen shot of his BST from this morning, which states it is “Mint W/Box.” by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
I will be leaving him negative feedback, which will be removed if he compensates, but so far, he has been unwilling to. Do not deal with avengedseven77.


Yes, he was wrong to do some of the things he did but I also think you’re being too critical about it. Neutral feedback is understandable, I don’t think he deserved negative.

The damage WAS very minor, but noticeable. Still it would not drop it’s value $20. Maybe $10, but not $20.

If I were you I would’ve just shrugged it off, except I probably would’ve pm’ed him about the box but I wouldn’t ask to be reimbursed.

If it was me I would’ve still given him positive feedback, just stating what happened. But the reason he deserves neutral in this case is because you did contact him about it, and he lied about stating it didn’t come with a box.

I definitely don’t think it deserves a negative though, damage is very minor… Just my 2 cents.


I’ve never traded but, maybe it was Mint Without Box? It’s normally Mint In Box, he might have just confused himself ??? Idunno. Just a thought

(2Sick Joey) #4

Well deserved the negative! Good job doing so. Too many people are too lenient and giving a positive only enables this type of dealing and with a negative it will caution a lot more people and possibly save them from a similar headache.


Pretty sure I’ve done a deal with him (how about a searchable trader feedback system, huh???) that went smoothly, but not all deals are perfect.

Smash-Yo already dealt with his nonsense. Coupled with this post, I doubt he’ll get much trading in the future. Well done.


If the damage was worse than described, I would have told him to just shrug it off to, but he was told the YoYo was mint in box, but was not. And the damage on this was very noticeable, and it would drop the price $20, possibly more.


unfortunately, it was not mint without box. He said it was mint with box and it arrived covered in bubble wrap, no box, and 2 ding/nicks and a scratch.


Agreed completely.


I agree, a negative is justified. That’s pretty messed up. I wonder if he ever thought about the possibility that you could have traded your Go Pro for a nice gift for a loved one. You thought you were getting them a nice shiny mint condition new looking yo-yo in a nice box. But instead, you get a beat throw with a long scratch and two pinpricks, with no box. Two pinpricks and a scratch like that is beat by my standard. I’d want my Go Pro back. $20 wouldn’t do it.