Yoyo conditions when trading??


Okay, so I’ve had trades where the trader had said the yoyo played ‘butter smooth’ or ‘had only 1 little mark’. When I had received those yoyos, I expect it to be in the condition/ playability that the trader had stated it. They turned out to be vibey or almost close to beat. It’s really pissing me off. I’m not putting anyone on blast, but I think that traders/ sellers should be more truthful and reliable.


This isn’t so much the case with Yo Yo traders, as it is with human behavior. People will mostly say anything about their product because no one would want it otherwise. You tell me what sounds better: A yoyo with a slight scratch, just from regular wear and tear. Or: A yoyo that has seen much better days and has been dinged more than a few times with a bit of a bad vibe to it.


I know what you mean. I guess the degree of smooth is subjective, but stating there is one mark when there are two, I agree is dishonest. Some would downplay the damage to get the item to sell, and risk getting negative feedback. It seems some prefer photos on BST threads over video. I prefer both, a picture and a closeup video of all sides of the yo-yo. While no method is perfect to avoid the problem, on the cosmetic side, it would be better with video, in my opinion.


I will have to say though, that through all of my buying and selling (and I do a LOT), the yoyo community has been the worst.

I attribute it mostly to youngsters. But other than that, it’s something that really needs to change because it’s so common. It is not alright to lie and the seller should not even consider that as a viable option. I personally would never be able to enjoy any money I made by knowingly ripping someone off or lying to them.

The really sad thing is we might be talking like a $10 or $20 difference between the value of a mint throw and a dinged throw. If you think your integrity is worth a 10 spot before shipping then you really need to re-evaluate your life.


If you feel that the person lied to you about the condition of the yoyo, take it up with the trader first and if they aren’t willing to do anything about it, just leave them neutral/negative feedback.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to leave positive feedback when it was a bad trade - You should leave honest feedback that tells others your actual trading experience.


I agree. The only problem is that, the way the system is designed, if you give negative, someone can easily reciprocate and give you negative too. I believe that is why people feel compelled to give positive feedback, and just state the problem in the detailed comments. Even if you satisfied your end of the trade, someone can just make up something because they got negative and give you the same. The only way to ensure being able to leave negative without unjustified retaliation is to make sure they give feedback first. No way you can control that, because they may insist that you leave feedback first. Then you are deadlocked on it, and no one gives feedback, which I am sure has happened before. I just don’t do yo-yo trades to avoid this problem. Sad but true.

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I have traded elsewhere much more frequently than I have here. Having said that, I often pm people that have provided feedback for the individual I hope to deal with. I ask them pointed questions and have received a great deal of valuable information that was not included in the feedback section.

The bst section provides a great opportunity to try a lot of great yoyos but it also provides others the opportunity to be less than honest. There’s always a bit of risk involved and leaving negative feedback is never fun and may be reciprocated, however it still protects others and alerts them to the potential possibility of experiencing a negative trading experience with that individual.


skitrz speaks the gospel…

research the seller/trader as much as you can. use the feedback system to gauge his/her reputability. ask for more pictures or even a video if necessary.

although these steps will not always guarantee that a trade does not go ‘bad’…i find that less honest traders will back out when asked ‘bout specifics regardin’ their product.




Unjustly reciprocated negative feedback can be fixed by a moderator. Make sure you contact one as soon as possible. Give a detailed description of the offensive nature of the trade/purchase and always keep the PMs that you send to the alleged offender and, of course, keep his/her responses.

Buying, selling, and trading can be fun. Just be careful and you’ll be successful at getting whatever you want in the long run.

I’ve dealt with people in maybe 100 or more transactions and I’ve only been ripped off by inaccurate descriptions maybe once or three times. I like finding people that I respect and doing several trades or deals with them because I know them to be a good quality.


Edit: removed specifics.
I had one or two minor incidents in buying throws that made me feel like I was lied to, but they were incredibly minor issues and it wasn’t worth leaving negative feedback for them.

Very easy problems to fix, it wasn’t even worth mentioning them, but it makes me feel uneasy getting yoyos from them again because of this slight feeling of dishonesty. It’s a shame because they were very polite and great to work with and I’m very happy with the throws that I bought from them.

I’m sure many of the traders are honest, though. One person that I bought a throw from sent it to me perfectly packaged in tightly wrapped bubble wrap with the bearing and axle in a small ziplock bag to keep everything safe. This yoyo came exactly as described and I would gladly buy from him again.


Hmmm…while a mod can remove an unjustified negative, I think the process of determining whether to remove it will leave you no guarantees. A person who sent a faulty throw will usually never make an admission in a PM, as they know the information in PMs is discoverable. Also, if no feedback has been given on either side, and you contact a mod stating that you intend to give negative feedback, there is no guarantee the other person did not have the same intention. If you ask them in a PM how they liked the throw you sent and they said it was cool in a PM, then you send a negative, so then they send a negative, all they have to say is that there was a problem but they took the high road and didn’t make a big deal, but since you made a big deal, they made a big deal. That’s why a lot of people will not give a negative, as they should. If people start giving a lot of negatives, they will get a lot of negatives in return.


i just recently had a trade where i traded someone my punchline, and i said that it only had 3 pinpricks, but when he inspected it, he found an ano rub near the pinpricks, and some flat spots. I didn’t purposely leave out that extra stuff, i honestly didn’t see it, and i inspected that thing to make sure everything was as stated. The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes, people honestly just plain don’t see all of the damage.


People are lazy. They just want to move stuff. Most things are subjective. However, mint is mint and anything less than that is not acceptable when advertised that way, regardless of the price and/or deal.

I guess I’ve been lucky. A guy selling a used DM2 and Speeder said they had vibe, which I would have interpretted to be “way more than average”. In my (not as skilled) hands, they were fine, showing normal YYJ vibe, nothing of concern.

Also, I work hard to ensure NO negatives are posted. I did a buy and the guy forgot one of the Speeder caps(different sale than above). I gotta go remind him to find it and ship it out. It was advertised as mint, and it would be when the second cap is installed. Actually, that’s my worst BST deal, and we’re already working on resolving it. As I said, I need to send a reminder.


I agree that we are human and sometimes things happen. I think there is a small margin for human error, but only with miniscule damage. It happened to me recently, but the person was such a great communicator and was highly recommended with great references, and the throw was still worth what I paid anyway, so sometimes you give them the benefit of the doubt. Other times, there are things that look like blatant cover-ups, and you would be beside yourself about how someone had the nerve to put it up for sale that way.

I believe in terms of risk on trading:

  1. A buyer is in the best position, he/she can pay through Paypal, prove that payment was made on a specific date and time. When that is done, the buyer’s obligation toward the deal is over. Technically, once you pay, you are entitled to feedback immediately. If the throw does not meet expectations, the buyer can make a paypal claim if the issue is not resolved.

  2. A seller is in a difficult position, not as secure as being a buyer. A seller gets paid, ships out the throw. But, he/she has an obligation to make sure it is as advertised, packed well, and shipped on time. If there is a problem with the throw, the seller could refund money upon return of the throw, but he/she takes the risk that the throw will return in the condition it left. Sometimes people will throw a yo-yo, decide a throw is not for them, regret a purchase and fabricate some reason to undo the deal. Not always the seller’s fault.

  3. A trader is in my opinion in very worst position. It is a yo-yo for a yo-yo, so if either party false advertises their item, either party does not pack the item well or ship on time, and either party wants to undo the transaction for any reason, things get hairy. In this situation, you have to rely on BOTH parties advertising truthfully, packing well, shipping on time, AND being satisfied with the throw they received. There is more potential for things to go wrong in this scenario than with any other. For that reason, I do not trade yo-yos. I would trade in person, but never through the mail. A person who trades throws will end up unhappy more often in my opinion.

My advice is that if you are in position of the seller, video the throw before mailing, video yourself packing it, stamp the box “fragile” on all sides, mail out, with tracking. If the throw is expensive, put insurance on it through USPS. You will not be sorry.


A fair point. Perhaps a system that only posted the feedback on someone’s profile after both people submitted feedback would be a better system.


I recently sold a yoyo, and didn’t realize it had some small dings in it. (Rockabully colorway x[ ) I then offered to compensate him for it so we were both happy.


You did not realize that there were some small dings? …Really?

I think this might be what this thread is all about. Although you offered money to compensate - that hardly makes it better. The other party might not have traded you in the first place if they had known the true extent of the damage. Perhaps some money might help sooth their burn - but that person is now stuck with a damaged yoyo they may not want; and is out money/shipping charges for it.

At the very least there is the hassle factor of having to deal with a trade gone bad.


That is such a good idea


I asked him what would make him feel like it was a fair trade. Can’t get better than that.


I’m glad you think so.