BST turn around


So lately I have been downsizing and selling off parts of my collection. I have noticed that several throws I have sold are popping up on a popular auction website at inflated prices and descriptions boasting better condition than when I shipped. has anyone else experienced this? How does this make you feel? I am not mad but disappointed…


Yep happened to me, I was very curious and disappointed about this. I couldn’t help but wonder if it sold for the asking price because it was double what I had sold it for. I did not sell it in mint condition, however I saw it later, knew it was mine and knew it wasn’t in the condition claimed which was mint. I think your post approached this topic very well.


It’s never happened to me but I’m disappointed that someone would do this.


Yes, it has happened to me and although it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, it still bothers me. You think you’re passing along a nice deal, and then you realize your generous offer was only used to take advantage of someone else. Just doesn’t sit we’ll with me, but oh well.


No need to complain about this. They have every right to do this.


It is their right, but this is more about ethics than rights



Even in ethics, I don’t find this bad. They bought it, they sold it for a higher price. It’s just that. I wouldn’t be mad if this was done to me in my BST.


Yeah, however they also tend to lie, saying that the product is mint when it is not, which in ethics is bad:



Ok, lying about the condition is a totally different matter. From what I understood, they only fluffed up the story when explaining the damage. But flat out lying is as bad as it gets. It’s just one step away from being completely scammed out of a yo-yo/money.

Lying about the condition is a totally different matter and completely wrong.

Edit: From what you say, the issue is the person lying about the condition. I thought this was more of a “I sold him my chief for $90 and he sold it for $120 in his BST 3 days later.”


The problem here is that the prices are inflated based on the inaccurate description of the item. That clearly is the wrong thing to do. I generally don’t care about how people set prices. But, if they are misrepresenting an item as mint and charging top dollar, when there is damage (and they know because it was sold to them as damaged)…that is just plain wrong. :-\

I hope the buyer realizes this and gives negative feedback. :smiley:


Well this is obvious on anything u sell. But if there is accurate representation then it’s 100 percent fine and people also might just wanna try out a yoyo and sell it if they dont like it or don’t want to keep it… So if u sell something, just set it at a price that u will be happy and won’t care what the future buyer does with it later on


ebay fees, paypal fees, shipping fees…

Scalping will not make them quit their day job, so don’t lose sleep on it.


The term is called merching. Happens all the time.


Sounds like sour grapes to me. The only way ‘Ethics’ could/would be involved is if the guy you sold the yoyo to, made an agreement with you. <> You tell the guy,’ Seems like you really want this yoyo of mine. I want it to end up with somebody that will enjoy it. So I will sell it to you with a condition. I am going to sell it for a good price, but promise me you will not just turn around and sell it’.

Then if the guy turns right around and puts it up for sale at a much higher price than he paid, that is more about Ethics. Taking advantage of of good deal all while having an ulterior motive. = lameness. But if there was no condition to hinge the deal on, then it’s a personal problem if you don’t like the final outcome.

But, if have or had a yoyo up for sale on the BST, then it is your choice to sell it for what ‘you decide’. That is your personal decision. You have a yoyo you think is worth about 80 bucks. You decide you will be happy to get 50 for it because you need the money, perhaps? If you settle for that, then it’s a done deal. It is no longer your yoyo.

If somebody turns out to be more enterprising than you, that is Life.

Some people genuinely appreciate getting a good deal. They don’t want your yoyo so they can just turn around and sell it. They maybe really want it and don’t have a ton a money. And they are literally thrilled you made their day.

And then there are the Scheme tactic guys. They talk a good game. They want your yoyo. They need your yoyo. Sadly they are kinda poor-ish… It’s their dream yoyo. If you could just give em a super deal, they would be happy Fo-eva.

You are trying to sell a yoyo and they are Playing their own Game.

So you sell the yoyo… You are done. You are no longer in the Equation. What they do with it is none of your Business.

Look no further than this thread… Mordo. I have heard that he tries to wear people down with Low Ball prices. No matter what you want, he seems to use that price as a starting point to offer less.

Do I think that is wrong? It may be irritating to get Beat down by a nagger, but it is not wrong, technically.
Mordo is probably a nice guy on any average day. But when it’s time to buy something, a dollar saved is a dollar Earned.

Look at SR. A regular on this board. He posts up, ‘I want to buy your General Yoyos’. Sounds good if you have one to sell, right? But look at the breakdown on what he is willing to pay for them. 25/30/35/40 bucks? Absolutely nothing wrong with that. He is looking specifically for people that either need money really bad. Or he has just concluded offering Low Ball prices will only attract the attention of people that sell stuff cheap.

I would agree that one thing that would bother me, is the person lying about the condition of the yoyo. That is straight up lowlife activity. The money part simply means they make better deals than you. The Condition part just means they also lie a lot better than you.

Years ago when I used to do some serious yoyo modding, I constantly had people contacting me about their need to have one of my Customs… More than just about anything. One year I had about 24 requests in a one month period. 6 of the guys contacted me at least 10 times each. Since I have always pretty much given my Custom yoyos away, I thought these 6 guys would get a fun surprise. I sent all 6 of them one yoyo. Santa Claus Junior, yup. Within the next month, I found out that 5 of the six guys had sold the yoyos or traded them to collectors for other stuff they couldn’t live without. <nice huh? Lesson learned.

But I had made no conditions so I was the dope.

I wasn’t done yet. A well known yoyo player ‘at the time’ seemed to really like my Mods. So I cooked up a very rare mod that I called the ElMo. I sent this Elmo to the Player. I figured he would ad it to his Collection.
… He came up with a better plan. He put it on Ebay and it sold for 152 bucks! And this was over 10 years ago. Again, there was no condition made suggesting what he should or shouldn’t do with his free gift. So I sucked eggs on that one too.

Now, those examples above weren’t ‘deals’ so they are different mostly from the Original topic. I shared those little stories just to show a few more worthless ways to feel dissed at what may happen to yoyos regardless of how good your intentions were, when you send to the next owner.

Bottom line, if you sell a yoyo on the BST, you decide what you will take for the yoyo. ‘You’ dictate a reasonable and fair price that ‘you’ will be satisfied with. And ‘you’ face the reality that after you make your deal, that the yoyo is no longer yours. And the next owner can do whatever they want with their yoyo.

You play, you pay. I speak from firsthand experience. I don’t think it’s funny, it’s just life. Once burned, twice shy. Just be more careful when people play on your Generosity card. They either really need your generosity or they are trying to take advantage of it.

When you are selling anything, you just have to make your play and accept the results.


I recently had someone I’m very cool with on the forum, ask me if I wanted a throw in a 1 of 1 colorway. He asked, knowing I might have some interest in it. He needed to make a few bucks, but also sold to me at a discount, because we’re cool. While I bought the throw and it’s mine, to immediately get the yo-yo from him and then flip it on an auction site to get more money than I paid, and turn a profit, would not feel right to me. I think he sold to me at a discount so I could personally enjoy the yo-yo. Therefore, it is not my practice to flip throws sold to me by someone I’m cool with, and bought heavily discounted. It’s just not how I roll.

Yoyodoc, that’s messed up in my eyes, what that guy did with the free gift. I would never sell a gift from someone I’m cool with. I find that the people I’m tight with in life do not need “conditions” spelled out to them or any, “If I do this…I expect this.” I never have to explain what is appropriate or ethical or a lack of integrity. Everyone just acts accordingly. With people I’m not tight with, I allow myself to just do small favors, but never anything that will leave me disappointed. I’ve learned that lesson in life too


Really sums up everything. No harm no foul.


I agree with Doc regarding people’s honesty about the condition of their yoyos. It’s “straight-up lowlife” to lie about your yoyo’s condition.

I’ve only been on YYE for 2 months and have done 10 trades that involved me getting a yoyo. Of those 10 yoyo trades/purchases I’ve done here on this forum, 4 of these traders have sent me “mint” yoyos with little dents or scuffs. It’s ridiculous. Especially when most of these traders have over 20+ trading feedback. They blatantly overlook the yoyo’s condition and hope that I don’t inspect them when I get it. Every single one gave me the, " THAT WASN’T THERE BEFORE", excuse with a follow-up of ," ITS NOT THAT BAD ", then they expected me to waste my time at the postal office to ship it back.

It’s unacceptable and it p1ss3s me off! I paid the asking-price for a “mint” throw so I expect to get it “mint”. It seems like the word “mint” is such a subjective term around this forum because this has never happened to me in the span of 2 years I spent back in YYN. I made 27 successful trades with none of these bu11cr4p.

Also, let this be a warning to anyone who trades with me in the future. The next one will get a negative feedback. I’m done wasting my time finding a resolution to a mistake I didn’t make.


Nothing wrong with the ethics. People flip things all the time. Once someone obtains possession of the item, it’s THEIR issue. Buy low, sell high. Works for those doing it to houses, apartments, condos and cars, old toys and so why not yoyos as well?

If I offload it, I got what I wanted out of the transaction. What the next person does isn’t my concern.


The more people who post in here the better. It is nice to know who wants a good deal so they can flip stuff and make a profit. I rarely sell throws, but it is kind of nice to know in advance who feels one way or another. Great thread. :smiley: Unless you are that cool with them…charge what it is worth. As many people have said, business is business…so, no favors. Get full price for your throws…be patient sellers.