??? Someone and I made a deal for a Yoyo, I offered 50$ he said 60$ I said ok 60$ isnt a problem an then went to the store to get a money pak card which cost 5$ just to be able to load 60$ on it so I can then add the funds to my PayPal to pay this guy, I come back home and add the funds to my PayPal and just as I’m about to send him the money because he had already given me his PayPal address I see my notification for an email pops up because I have it my phone email set up so that it pushes my new emails to notifications every 30 minutes or so, whatever. Emails received in those 30 minutes all notify me at once instead of every time a new email comes in, anyways he sent me a PM saying he found someone who will buy his lot of 4 yoyos he wanted for 120 and I only wanted 1 of the 4 for 60$ but he said he’s gonna have to sell him to the other guy for 120$ but I said that’s messed up since he could easily get more then 60$ to complete the 120$ he says he needs.
I honestly wouldn’t care if he flaked but the money pack card I bought cost me 65$ there’s a 5$ fee just to add money to my PayPal AND ITS NOT REFUNDABLE so I can’t just go return it and get my money because its already been added to my PayPal. Also I’ve been looking for this Yoyo for so long so I kinda feel like my head is being messed with.

So my question is do I leave negative feedback if he flakes because he gave me his PayPal address and we agreed on 60$ because I know it’s usually after addresses are exchanged but because this is a sell instead of a trade wouldn’t that be the same thing as exchanging addresses in a trade to finalize?

In sorry if my explanation didn’t make much sense I’m really mad because we agreed and now he’s backing out and I’ve been looking for this Yoyo for a LONG TIME

Leave negative feedback. If he’s agreed to sell to you, for all practical purposes you’ve both entered into an unwritten contract.


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He’s telling me to go ahead and leave negative feedback I’m so mad right now, especially because I’ve been looking for this throw for so long.

Your choice but no trade went down, so I wouldnt. I told somebody I would think about trading when we got to a contest, we got there and he ended up trading to somebody else and left ME negative feedback for not trading. It was removed, but if you want you could.

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Umm, I am the guy that bought the lot for 120. Sorry!

If anything can happen my way, so he does not get negative, that would be good.

no. youre out five dollars. things happen.

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I thought this was about me for a second. I was like what!? I thought it went good! haha.

but back on topic. I’m not sure if you would leave any feedback because you didn’t get the deal in the end. I don’t think we’re supposed to leave feedback unless we’ve actually went through with the deal. it’d be like, you giving me a positive feedback if we both agreed to back out of a deal after addresses had been given. I think the address switching is more of a deal sealer and it’s just not cool to back out after that. plus you still have your money its just in paypal. I could be wrong though.


Could you possibly tell him to sell me the freq wave? And then you can buy the other 3 yoyos for 60$ and I will also give you for free a YYJ (go big swagger edition) and a mint YYJ new breed for free if yo pay the shipping cost.

Well, I just was about to pay. He was misunderstood that your deal was still pending until he sent pics. I am sure he will chime in and figure this out!

You still have the money in the paypal to BST, and you did not loose any money.

No your right. I really dislike people like this, especially since he’s saying its e cause he needs money but I told him ill even add an additional 15$ but that the extra 15$ wil come in a week when I get paid, and in a sense I lost 5$ because I had to pay that fee for the money pak card and there isn’t a single Yoyo I’m looking for besides that so I might as well have lost 60$ because I don’t need strings bearings pads nothing it really irks me how people do such inconsiderate things I’m really hoping freq waves get restocked soon or something.

Maybe a neutral feedback would be more appropriate. Just explain the situation and everyone else can judge. But for me personally, I’d leave a negative. I so hate it when someone wastes my time. There were plenty of times when after I make an agreement with someone, another person will always offer more like it was an auction or something. But it’s only fair to trade or sell with the first person you had already made the deal with.

My opinion - no trade occurred, good or bad, thus no feedback.
Someone backing out or changing their mind doesn’t make a bad trade.

I’m on the bst 24/7 there’s nothing there I haven’t seen before the second I saw the freq wave I messaged him with a sense of urgency that I wanted it. I told him if pay 55$ and when he said 60$ I told him there shouldn’t be a problem and he misunderstood that as I want to wait? I wanted pictures because of how excited I was to receive the throw and wanted to just look at pictures of it in the meantime he had even said he could ship tomorrow after I paid and sent me his PayPal address, so regardless it was pending not very much time even went by after he sent me his PayPal that he changed his mind, he could have asked me if I was going to get it or not because he had someone else also interested instead he said sorry but I have someone else so your SOL, then even said I could leave him negative feedback but I don’t even want to do that I just wish he would follow through or have asked me before telling me he was selling to someone else, yes I have the money in my PayPal but it wasn’t there untill I had got his PayPal address the 60$ would still be in cash in my pocket if he would have said something

So what happens? If someone were to keep flaking on people I have a feeling it wouldn’t matter unless it happened to a mod or a good friend of a mod. But it’s cool, even tho neutral feedback should be something that should be able to be given when someone flakes from a deal

I’m sorry, I think all of the moderators are above that kind of thing. Sorry you feel that way.

You’re free to do whatever you want as far as the feedback goes. That was my opinion on the matter.

Another reason I’m mad is because he says he needs money but if he sells me few wave for 60$ plus 15$ when I get paid he can sell his other throws for at least 60$ which means he will have 120$ or more no matter which way it happens, so that’s another reason I don’t understand why he’s flaking because its basically the same thing, if the throw was being sold to me he should have told the person who offered 120$ freq wave was pending payment. I mean really is it that hard to ask me even tho only like 30 min went buy if I want it or not? Even tho in my eyes I had thought it was finalized but if he honestly didn’t know what the deal was but knew I agreed to 55$ and told him 60$ shouldn’t be a problem. Why couldn’t he have asked? Because he was able to ask me that if I could beat 120$ I could get it but he couldn’t ask me if I wanted it since he’s saying he misunderstood me?

jhb is right. It’s not like you totally lost the money, anyways. You can always make a separate BST purchase or just use the card to buy things you would normally buy. Just remember the trader and never do business with that person again. I’m sure another Freq. Wave will come up eventually.

I’m just really bitter right now, I apologize. I’m askin for advice and getting offended at the same time. I need to just let it go and move on, I’m just super upset that I basically had the freq wave at a arms reach then get it thrown into the ocean basically. Anyways I apologize for saying that it would be different for mods, way out of line

Yeah, not much choice left but to go back to hoping I find another mint freq wave, doubt it tho since this is the first one Ive seen that’s mint in a long time

It’s pretty fricked up but you shouldn’t leave negative feedback.