Shame on XxEpicGammerxX

I received a DM1 today in the mail from him. He stated that it didn’t have vibe, the rims were polished, and that the yoyo hadn’t seen more than 5 hours of play. ALL LIES! The yoyo had definitely seen more than 5 hours of play, it had visible vibe(wobble), the rims had deep scratches, flat areas, and were very dull. The bearing was stuck to the seat, the axle was stuck, and he shipped it with a crappy silicone pad that had holes and broke as soon as I took it out. I agreed to trade a Mighty Flea, and flea strings for his DM1, some homemade strings(that also sucked) and $25. I will carry through with this trade because I need the money, but whatever you do, don’t believe what he says it was total lies and BS.

$25 and a busted DM1 for a Flea? That’s still a crazy good deal.

I sold my Flea not 2 weeks ago for $15, haha.

I would still consider that deal decent, but the fact that he lied about the real condition of the yoyo isnt just BS, Its FBS.

I’m probably gonna get it fixed up by a modder

Should I give negative feedback?

I would hate to do that to anyone, ynless you didnt receive a yoyo, i would do neutral, but it is your choice.

He absolutely should leave negative feedback. The yoyo he received was far from what the other party described. He was blatantly lied to and unsatisfied with the trade.

I’d contact them and see if they’re willing to A) own up to it and B) recompensate you. If you can come to an agreement and he makes right, then I’d say leave neutral.

Well as bad as the DM1 is I have always wanted one.Yoyospirit has agreed to polish it, mod the edges, take away the wobble, get the adjustable gap back, and silicone it for $15. He is also gonna remove the axle, the bearing and cut a new one.

I will definitely leave negative feedback. He gave me a crappy yoyo, he took FOREVER to ship, the strings sucked. And he shipped it in a small box, used wet, crumpled binder paper to “protect it” and he shipped with a crappy bearing, a broken speed bearing, and a stuck axle(and bearing)

He doesn’t want to make it up to me. I suggested he give me $15 so I can send it to Yoyospirit so he can fix it.

He wants me to wait 2 months so he can send the money. I really can’t believe he’s trying to pull this crap

so you need $15 on top of the original $25? That would mean he’s given you $40 cash for a flea which is absolutely ridiculous I’d like to point out

Doesn’t really matter. They both agreed to a trade and he was shorted on it.

Sort of like agreeing to buy a Chief for $200, but only giving the person $180 claiming that it’s still more than retail.

I’m curious as to if you saw photos of the yoyo before the trade was made. I’m guessing not since you were surprised by the condition. For this reason I suggest ALWAYS getting a picture. For me at least, if I can’t see what I’m getting I can’t make as informed a decision as I feel I need to. Sight unseen just has too many variables.

He did, but like the yoyo, the camera was crappy too so it was very blurry and i couldn’t see that well. I did think the rims looked a bit funky but he insisted that the rims where polished which was a load of BS

just out of curiosity if you haven’t sent it to get it modded, can you post pics of the dm1 you received vs the pics he gave you?

He claims to say he hasn’t received the yoyo but I have the tracking right here

If you live close to him go talk to him about it or wait and see what he says

He claims he arrived at 7 and he sent a message at 6. He claims his brother replied. He will probably refuse to send me the money needed to fix the yoyo. I really don’t know what to do. He lives in Corona and I live in San Jose. It’s too far.

He is now accusing ME of scamming him but I have proof that I did infancy ship and I have the tracking confirming it.

Don’t tell us, tell him. Show him that tracking information. No one will believe him if he accuses you of scamming.

He shorted you in the trade and most likely isn’t going to recompensate you. Sounds like it’s time to just forget about it and move on. Still a good deal for a Flea.