Shame on XxEpicGammerxX

yeah, and your going to get your DM1 fixed for a very nice price.

i did. He says he still hasn’t received any thing which is BS.

depends. He said, and I quote, “Now I feel like I’m being ripped off”

Did you ship to the right address? Also, why are you complaining?!?!?!? You are getting a usable DM1 plus 25 bucks for a FLEA. I traded my flea for 3 bearings.

the DM1 was busted. Wobble, broken speed bearing, axle stuck, caps had holes, crappy string, flat spot all around(not one clean spot) said only 5 hours of play, but it seemed as if toddlers played with it for a straight year. It was the crappiest yoyo ever and he claimed it was mint.

Just texted him. He say he received the throw today. I know he received it yesterday. He says he will send me the $15 dollars when he gets the money.

Sometimes tracking is wrong. Once, it said the yoyo should have been delivered to me, but it didn’t arrive until 3 dad later.

ill keep that in mind next time. But he was acting kinda shady

1.) it’s not usable
2.) Unless they are Konkave bearings, you got a really crappy trade(unless your flea was busted) fleas retail at $70

they do? I picked one up for $30 or 40 at a local store. Ended up returning it though, wasn’t a big fan.

look at the YYE site. You got a good deal.

Update: he agreed to send $15 but he’s gonna take sometime. I will be giving him feedback when and if I get the money if I do not receive the money by the deadline we agreed on I will give negative feedback.

Got a message from (supposably) his mom. She states(supposably) that he had been injured severely in a bus accident on a field trip and is at the verge of death. I have no idea of telling if this is true or not but I’m very suspicious.

Sounds like a bit of a coincidence to me.


so are you saying that you believe this or this is BS?

Just snapped this from my iPod a few minutes ago(I’m in CA so the time displayed on top is a few hours ahead/behind)

I don’t think I will be getting my money but I should get two coupons from Coffelt tomorrow or Sat. For two free polishes from the one and only YoyoSpirit.

i hate to assume but this all sounds like he just wants you to forget about it… personally i would just leave a negative feedback and just call it a day… but i’m not as nice of a person as you.

I got a PSG, Popstar, and $10 for my flea. But I had a 100 pack or strings and new pads :stuck_out_tongue:

and you guys are busting MY chops

he has till the end of February.