Shame on XxEpicGammerxX

Profile link for those who can’t find it-;u=24600

Note the times shown are Central time…
Given your location on the west coast, that’s about the time from your Ipod scree as well.

If it really was his mother, she’s as screwed up as he is for enabling the kid.

And he was on some yoyo related thread that his mom wouldn’t even be interested in… like a “what trick are you working on next” thread. I ain’t buying it. I call BS.

Ditto. Time to file negative feedback.


so the kid’s in a severe bus accident and on his death bed, and his mom has the time to browse a yoyo forum and reply to some pms? sounds legit.

this just makes me sad that this kind of thing happens. I’m so sorry. But heck, if you don’t get the 15 dollars to fix your throw, I’d gladly help you. :slight_smile:

thats very thoughtful thanks :slight_smile: but I have two coupons for free polishes and Yoyospirit said that he’d do the mods for free with the coupons. I want him to send $15 (originally so it could fix my throw) so he makes it up to me for sending a crappy throw, and so he avoids scamming ever again. If he doesn’t sen the $15 he gets negative feedback, the whole point of him sending the $15 is so that I’m not forced to give negative feedback.

Dude, you have to give him negative feedback… I know it may not seem nice to do, but you have to do it, to warn others against trading with him. It’s the rules bro… this is alot of trouble he’s causing you, he scammed you, without a doubt leave him negative feedback no matter what.

My vote is leave neutral and give a very detailed account of the events during and after. This will do the job without harsh feelings. Thanks your half of the deal.

Man, read the writing on the wall. The guy stiffed you. Give negative feedback and move on.
Besides given that he’s near death ;), the feedback just don’t matter no more, do it!!!

I sent a text. I’ve shortened the due date to this Friday. If I don’t have the cash by then I will just give negative feedback.

negative or positive I’m not going neutral.

He supposably died today in the hospital. If I’m wrong shame on me. His mom said that she would send the money Monday so idk if what “she” said is legit but we will find out.

Please… now we just know this is fake.

NO PARENT who’s child just died would be even CLOSE to caring about what’s going on on YYE.

This is sad. This is just sad. Faking death to get out of this? That’s too low.

Shame on you, XxEpicGammerxX… you are a disgrace to the community.

Dude, there is no way this is legit. No mother would even leave her son’s side while he’s in the hospital, let alone bother to go onto a yoyo forum to settle a matter as trivial as $15. Cut your losses and just leave negative feedback.


This thread is hilarious!!

tell me about it

we where actually texting. Lol


ask his mom if you can have his yoyos and games. see what she says.