this guy is just all around great! super good communication and was real polite! approved!

Weird because he is also my favorite yoyoer. :wink:

I just completed a trade with him. He was selling his Mighty Flea for $45 + $6 shipping. I offered to buy his Mighty Flea with the pouch and strings, mint condition, for $45 shipped, and I requested feedback upon payment, as my part of the deal would be complete at that point. He didn’t get back to me on my offer through PM, so I posted in the thread. After about six days, I didn’t hear anything, so I figured he didn’t like the offer. Then, he apologized for the delay, and accepted the offer, but then I had to request the PayPal info. I paid immediately when I got the Paypal info. He acknowledged the payment, but I didn’t see the feedback the next day, so I requested it. Then, he sent the feedback I requested. He shipped the same day and sent me a tracking number. I received everything as promised, so it was a great trade. He confused me in the beginning, but he was probably seeing if better offers were coming in before he acknowledged mine. Good transaction, I got what I wanted, as described, and he shipped it fast…so I’m happy.