An IP check shows this guy is from the Phoenix area. A search of the Phoenix news stations turns up:

Update - had the wrong city. Researched w/correct city and the result is the same - no recent bus accidents.

I’d write off that $15 to experience and move on.


holy cow. what an awful way to get out of paying 15 bucks. XxEPICFAILURExX

Well done jhb. Need I say more.

i know I saw this too. I told his “mom” and she said that he and hurry up brother share that account.

He supposably died today. I’m sorry if this is true.


is there anyway of proving this

Death is such a sensitive subject, so it’s really hard to push and say that he or she is lying, but if this is a lie, then this is a really bad idea because some people are genuinely worried.


me well part of me the other part I calling BS on this

Well I guess we won’t be seeing much of EpicGamer anymore. ;-;

did you contact his mom to ask her about the dollars

his brother shares the account with him.


what did she say?

shell ship Monday.

So, the kid supposedly died and the mother is, on the same day, dealing with someone on a forum (you) about sending $15?

This is madness. Even if a lie, and moreso if real.

I call BS

I’m calling bull squirt too.

This whole thing sickens me.