Shame on XxEpicGammerxX

ill keep that in mind next time. But he was acting kinda shady

1.) it’s not usable
2.) Unless they are Konkave bearings, you got a really crappy trade(unless your flea was busted) fleas retail at $70

they do? I picked one up for $30 or 40 at a local store. Ended up returning it though, wasn’t a big fan.

look at the YYE site. You got a good deal.

Update: he agreed to send $15 but he’s gonna take sometime. I will be giving him feedback when and if I get the money if I do not receive the money by the deadline we agreed on I will give negative feedback.

Got a message from (supposably) his mom. She states(supposably) that he had been injured severely in a bus accident on a field trip and is at the verge of death. I have no idea of telling if this is true or not but I’m very suspicious.

Sounds like a bit of a coincidence to me.


so are you saying that you believe this or this is BS?

Just snapped this from my iPod a few minutes ago(I’m in CA so the time displayed on top is a few hours ahead/behind)

I don’t think I will be getting my money but I should get two coupons from Coffelt tomorrow or Sat. For two free polishes from the one and only YoyoSpirit.

i hate to assume but this all sounds like he just wants you to forget about it… personally i would just leave a negative feedback and just call it a day… but i’m not as nice of a person as you.

I got a PSG, Popstar, and $10 for my flea. But I had a 100 pack or strings and new pads :stuck_out_tongue:

and you guys are busting MY chops

he has till the end of February.

Profile link for those who can’t find it-;u=24600

Note the times shown are Central time…
Given your location on the west coast, that’s about the time from your Ipod scree as well.

If it really was his mother, she’s as screwed up as he is for enabling the kid.

And he was on some yoyo related thread that his mom wouldn’t even be interested in… like a “what trick are you working on next” thread. I ain’t buying it. I call BS.

Ditto. Time to file negative feedback.


so the kid’s in a severe bus accident and on his death bed, and his mom has the time to browse a yoyo forum and reply to some pms? sounds legit.

this just makes me sad that this kind of thing happens. I’m so sorry. But heck, if you don’t get the 15 dollars to fix your throw, I’d gladly help you. :slight_smile:

thats very thoughtful thanks :slight_smile: but I have two coupons for free polishes and Yoyospirit said that he’d do the mods for free with the coupons. I want him to send $15 (originally so it could fix my throw) so he makes it up to me for sending a crappy throw, and so he avoids scamming ever again. If he doesn’t sen the $15 he gets negative feedback, the whole point of him sending the $15 is so that I’m not forced to give negative feedback.