The Magic Of Yoyo Expert

So a couple weaks ago I saw a post that said “most of us are just here because YYN shut down its not like theres anything special about this place”

After reading that I thought YYE is one of the best forums/stores ever I cant beleive someone would say that so I decided to make this thread.

So here is the place where you can post some of the awesome expieriences youve had (on the forums or Just with YYE in general)

^I hope that made sense

Now Post Away!

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to start this thread off

one of the little things that YYE did that made my day just a little bit better was when I orderd an OD 10 ball and when it came in the mail it seemed pretty responsive so I figured it might be defective so I
Sent YYE an email and asked for a new bearing an they sent it as soon as they had it in stock
They didnt ask for any money they just sent me a bearing for free

Yea I know its just a bearing its not really worth anything but its just one of the things YYE did too make my day a little bit better

It made perfect sense. I agree with you 101%. If you don’t fine YYE a good store/forum, then leave. Only true YYE fans should be on here.

I have a good story that happened to me recently:
I ordered a Yomega Glide (Gold w/ Blue Splash) during the Halloween Day Sale. I then got it two days later. I opened it up, threw it once or twice and noticed that it had a small dent on the rim (see photos below). I threw it a couple more times. Then I noticed it had some small ano flaws and a scratch or two (see pictures below). I emailed them about the problem and they got back to me in (literally) five minutes at the most. After a day or two, I had set it up so I could exchange it for a new one. I called to make sure I was aloud to do that. I then sent it back to them. They offered to send 3 extra trading card packs and pay for the shipping to get it back to them. I turned down the shipping but graciously excepted the trading cards (glad I did, got a Paul Escolar Legend Card out of it). I did take close to two weeks to get it back but it was well worth it. The Glide is my new favorite yoyo.

My best experience wood have to be the people willing to help/explain how something is done. I’ve contacted a few people that I watched a ton of there videos and asked for help. Unlike other places, they responded back and were super helpful and nice. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people.

I agree there are a ton of nice people on the YYE forums

Wow thats pretty cool that you got a legend trading card out of that deal

I dont know any other store that would offer you a deal like that

I think it was my quote that actually started this thread. There isn’t really another forum, obviously, and that was my point. YYE and YYN had quite different demographics when i first started throwing a little over 2 years ago, and i think a few of us might miss the, dare i say, older and more mature atmosphere that was there, the real information and research that had been compiled, the older throwers who had been around for decades and could lay down tons of great history. Most have since moved over here, but there’s still a different feeling here that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many good posters show up. I assume you’ve only been throwing a while so aren’t aware of YoYoNation and the community that was there. Again nothing against YYE, the shop is great, and i’m very grateful that the forums are here for us, and i apologized for that post in the thread, so it’s a non-issue.


Ok I see what you mean

Edit Since you asked Ive been trowing for the past 2 years but I never got a chance to go and Check out YYN

But this is still a place for people too post there good expieriences with YYE

cool but… umm… where are the pictures? lol

Oops! Forgot to attach them.

Thanks for reminding me.


Can’t get the pics to upload. I will try later.

I see a lot of “forced” here by YYN shut down…

No one is forcing anything…

noob clearly u don’t get the swag throwrrs heere. ohkillem

well I mean its just that theres no other forum to go to. But I mean you can still use YYN as a forum its just that…no one does.

Honestly Yoyoexpert is pretty much “which Clyw?” and “how do I clean a bearing?”, with a bit of “secret club of secrets that you won’t understand”.

YYE is a lot more than that!

I get what your saying though there are a lot of posts like that around but your looking at the glass as half empty not as hailf full (yea I know I coudnt resist putting some old saying in there)

If you look at the bright side of things youll see so much more

When I think of Yoyoexpert I think of a place filled with really nice people that always say something that brightens my day

I think of people like


And so many other really people that are all very nice

When I think of yoyoexpert I think of the Young Enterprenurs thread I think of a bunch of really smart people that are running there own buisness at age 14

I think of logi owner of epic strings which are now being sold on YYE I mean how many kids have a product that there selling on YYE

^ I know my spelling and grammer was awefull but I hope you got the message

EDIT and of course theres poor poor gambit who lives in the Uk where theres no twinkies or candy corn

Dont feel bad if I left you out of this post I was just naming some of the things/people that come to mind when I think of YYE

Don’t forget my personal favorite thread, “I used too much lube!!!” aka “I CLEANED MY YOYO AND NOW ITS RESPONSIVE OH NOES”…but I guess that’s sort of like “how do I clean a bearing?”

I miss YYN but I enjoy YYE for what it offers.

Erik… I thought we were mates…

Dat feel.