What was your experience with Yoyoexpert?

This will be a nice compact thread where you will mention any stories you had with YYE. And post how your experience with them was.

My best experience with YYE was when I asked for 1 extra sticker, and they gave me a ton from different brands.

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For me, I bought a Shaqler shirt. When I got it, I just put it on to see if it fit well. It did. But I decided to wash it right away. I put it on again, and it shrank…a lot. I emailed YYE to tell them that they should put a little disclaimer or something that that shirt was not preshrunk like most shirts nowadays. I wasn’t going to complain and ask for a refund or anything like that. But Andre emailed me back saying that he can do an exchange for me because if he were in my position, he would want that. So I sent it back and then maybe a week later, I got a bigger shirt plus more trading cards. Pretty good customer service if you ask me.

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Bought a Cliff that arrived with damage. Since they were sold out, I didn’t return it but Andre gave me a $20 gift card :slight_smile:

I spent it all on Snow Tires lol.

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Nice! Pretty good costumer service?!! AWESOME COSTUMER SERVICE!

My first purchase from them was a YYF Velocity. For some reason, the dial was really stiff… so stiff I wasn’t even sure it was working as expected. I mentioned it to YYE but right from the beginning with the disclaimer “Ultimately I can get it to work; I don’t need a replacement, I just wanted to share my experience.”

Andre communicated with YYF to get resolution; despite me objecting another 2 or 3 times (first to YYE and then to YYF!), YYF sent a replacement to me directly.

That’s great customer service from both companies!

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All of my experiences with buying from YYE have been positive.

When dealing with a company, I have to look at the short term, the “now”, the past and the future. In general, the way YYE handles things based on past and present, I feel the future is a good bet. I have and will continue to be a customer until something changes. They’ve also built themselves a “buffer zone” with me that should something bad happen, there’s too much positive that’s happened that I’ll know a negative is just an “oops”.

I’m not saying I haven’t been free of issues. I have had a defective yoyo sent to me. Stuff happens, and it was resolved. I had something accidentally not get sent to me, and it was resolved. We made an agreement to cover a little “oops” thing, and it was resolved. I accidentally ordered a wrong colorway, and we swapped that back out.

Also, I’ve had YYE HOLD my order for me, knowing new stuff was coming down the pipe. Why pay extra for shipping? I’m perhaps more patient than some of you. My mindset is to secure the item. Once I have secured the item, I don’t worry about it. After that, it will get here. Rather than pay some $20 or more a month in shipping(because something new was dropping every week one month), I simply paid shipping once. I did have to wait a bit for that stuff to arrive because of waiting for stuff to officially release, but that’s MY choice. Being first isn’t as important as securing the item is. I still usually tend to be a “first”, but that’s just how it goes.

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Anyone vote sticky?

Lol you are very eager aren’t you?
But yes, this would be great to sticky.

Hahah I am :).

I made this cause I thought about all those random threads, and thought a nice compact one would be nice.

And YYE can read what people like to make their experience better, and fix things people don’t like (if there are any).

My purchases from YYE have never been less than stellar. Andre really knows how to run a business.

Ever met him in person? He’s my favorite person to see at contests.

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Pardon me?

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When you first started this thread I was going to call you out on “Sticky Hunting”. I decided to be a gentleman and not say anything.

Since you said it yourself, I don’t feel bad about it now. lol. :smiley:

I bought something. It came. Yay! All the times I’ve bought from YYE, everything was just perfect.

Yoyoexpert is my favorite store…not just my favorite yo-yo store, but my favorite store in general. I used to spend thousands of dollars in Best Buy or Guitar Center, but now, I give all the money to Yoyoexpert :stuck_out_tongue: I think the customer service is excellent and it is a superstore that has everything I need and more. The best stock, and best variety within that stock. It always gives back with contests, charities and great sales. Yoyoexpert is not just a store, it is the best place to hang out online. Also, I do business with Yoyoexpert, because it carries the holders I make. I must say, there is not an easier store to do business with, very easy…and very fair. It is an honor and privilege to work with Yoyoexpert, all the staff is fantastic.

I get what I pay for, and that’s all I ask of them really. I spend a lot of dough in the store, but never ask them to jump through hoops or bend over backward for nonsense requests. I try not to be a pain. I get what I pay for, and much more, without even asking, so they will always be #1.

“Yoyoexpert 4 lyfe.” :wink:


Nice story. I like you yoyo holsters btw ;).

Yye sux i bot a yoyo frum tem an wen it cam it didtn com bak wen i thru it.

i totaly agr33. i got a superstr and da frst time i trew it a said “mom watch me do all deez trickz on this stupid site” and it didnt evn letme do dem, i had to practice and all dat stoopid stuff

Dooooooood I bougt a big yo cuz I thought it wood b cool cuz I cud eat meh soop out of I and den play yoyo and I got it annnnd I put my soop in da big part and I started to eet it cuz I liek soop but half way thru meh soop I wunted to play yoyo and I thruw it and it hit a wall nnd half a bole of soop floo all ovrr my room nnd my yoyo broke in halfs yoyoexpurt suks

I have some stories related to Andre… I’m not sure I should share them though :slight_smile:



Isn’t that sort of what YoYoExpert Site Improvements is for?