Have you guys ever gotton anything in the mail from professionals?

Today I got 4 Duncan stickers, one with a letter to me, a Duncan echo, and a signed card from drew tetz himself! All for free. Today has been a great day for throwing.

yup, every time I order from here.

Wait, did you say free???

Nope, I have never gotten any freebies from a yoyo store.

How were you able to get all of that for free? ??? ???

Yes sir. I just recently got a package from Yoyofactory containing; A neon protostar, 2012 Genesis, 8 SPEC bearings, 3 Centertrac bearings, and untold amounts of stickers and response pads. All because i emailed Patrick Mitchell about some faulty products i received. He came through with flying colors. If you ever have any complaints about a YYF product he’s the one to contact about it.

I’ve gotten many things from Brandon Jackson.

Free? No.

Got a personal note from JD on my order from YYBB. Hand written!

Got 2 business cards and many fine yoyos from John Narum.

Got a trio of yoyos from Ed Haponik along with an autographed YYE 2011 trading card!

Do we consider Jayyo a professional? I have bought 3 yoyos from him via 2 different orders.

Stretching it a bit… everything from every order I’ve made from YYE.

In that case I have recieved 2 Free Northstars from YYF, because mine(which was also my first yoyo) had a spacer problem in which the spacers didnt sit properly in the hub. They were totally cool about it, and Id definetly buy some more YYF just based off that because I know if I have a problem they will handle it

So a random person can just email paul mitchell about a faulty product and not even have the yoyo and get a free genesis? That’s abusive but sweet!

That would be the case if a Paul Mitchell worked at YYF.

Maybe he’s Patrick’s evil twin brother who occasionally breaks into inventory and sends random kids free yoyos.


I’ve got a Andre boulay signed card.

One time I bought a yoyo on ebay from a name guy in the yoyo business, a professional so to speak. Not impressed at all. He failed to read his ebay/paypal email that payment was sent and didn’t send the yoyo I paid for moments after the auction ended. In fact I sent him a number of inquiries, to which he responded that he would ship when he was paid. I had to forward him my paypal receipt to inspire him to ship. After all of that no recognition that I paid immediately, no ebay feedback. The buzz is on…

On the other hand I’ve had trades with Ed Haponik, and bought stuff from YoYoExpert (Andre) w/o a problem.

Like i said, I recieved several faulty YYF products, and it took six months and four faulty products to finally get a response from them. So yeah i guess that’s good customer service… or something.

And no, Paul Mitchell sells hair products not yoyos. Patrick Mitchell is the director of sales for YYF. He is the one to deal with if you have a problem with a YYF product.

Back in the day, I sent my Yomega Hot Shot back to the company, and got another one back!

Most definitely. The yoyo community isn’t as large as some would think. In order for any of these companies to ever do business it’s in their best interest to offer amazing customer service to the relatively small group of us when compared to other areas of sport/hobby. Monkeyfinger, Spyy, Anti Yo and Ten YoYo have been awesome to me and for that reason I am a loyal customer.

If they take care of us by offering a few extras now and then they keep us as future customers. Many, many other businesses would profit from using the yoyo community as a business model. Think of how many times you were dissatisfied with a product or service and received nothing in terms of compensation or even a simple apology. You rarely see that in the yoyo world.

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What exactly did you tell him? As soon as I heard (technically read) 2012 Genesis, my jaw dropped.

I asked if I could get a signed Andre Boulay card in my last order and they said the would ship one on 5/29 so it should be coming any day now!!!

I have 2 Andre cards signed and a dan Dietz card signed but most of all I got the chance to talk over the phone with JD for about 40 minutes and various other big yoyo stars on other calls. it usually starts off with product problem and quickly gets resolved and turns in justa casual conversation about yo’ing. Talkin with the pro’s is more precious then the yoyos themselves. IMO. Can’t replace time and friendship with money.