Tired of trading cards , and same old yye sticker .


I have enough cards . I wish YYE threw in more stickers , or maybe 1 random piece sting with every order . The yye sticker is cool and everything . But think of the possibility’s , you could ad a cartoon , play with the colors , maybe splash red/black . the possibility’s are endless .


Most retailers include exactly nothing extra in your box. :wink:

The cards are part of a particular contest. The sticker is part of their marketing and also an opportunity for a contest. I don’t know how anyone could find fault in these things!

(Waylon) #3

Lol. Basically everything they give you is a chance to win something for free. The appropriate response is “Thank you”. :slight_smile:


^^ what (s)he said!


The sticker actually was different back in 2010 I believe.


The sticker is the YYE logo. It’s their mark in the market. Would you expect GM to change Chev badge?


If you don’t like the stickers and cards, chuck them in with stuff that you sell/trade. Or just chuck them out.



or you can send them to me, let me know I’ll get u my address


in my last order I surprisingly got a YoYoNews Sticker… That was nice.


sure I would expect GM to change the badge a little from time to time , play with the colors give it some flare .
You can play with the logo without losing the branding . Of course the yye X would have to be a huge part of any sticker . Keep the original . But ad some more to the arsenal , or do a run of special addition .


Really ,
No one would want to open there next box and get this as a sticker ?




I would be satisfied with some hi-chew in my package ::slight_smile:


I’m fine withe “bonus items” in the box.

Cards are fun. Gotta “catch” them all. I try to complete the set. When I get duplicates, I give them to my son or a friend and then trade the rest. My son goes around at contests getting autographs with the cards. It’s fun.

OK, so I got a bunch of the YYE stickers. That’s OK, I can use them to put on the container I put many of my yoyo cases in so it’s easy to identify when I’m at yoyo contests when I’m running sound.

(Waylon) #15

I’m happy that I can order a Yoyo from my phone, at work, pay with the convenience of PayPal, and for $2 in shipping have it in my hands three days later while feeling confident through the entire transaction that my order is 100% guaranteed from the start. What more could you possibly ask for? More free stuff? Bigger, more frequent special occasion discounts? More giveaways? More contest sponsorships? More free tutorials? Additional free forums?

If you don’t want the stickers and cards, just tell YYE that in the notes section of your order. Or you can politely ask for other stickers in the notes section. If they have them, you’ll get a ton from different companies.

In the meantime, stop complaining about stuff you didn’t earn or pay for.


:wink: http://thebumpersticker.com/how-stickers-are-used-in-marketing/


I really like the random string idea a lot.


Why are we complaining about free things that give us chances to win more free things on a free forum?


Freedom of speech? XD



Hmmm… I often get other stickers with my order, besides the YYE sticker. Lately, I’m getting a yoyonews.com sticker, and I’ve gotten plenty of free YoyoFactory and CLYW stickers with my orders. One time, I got a YoyoFactory book, that had some of their latest releases in it. I still have it, and it’s a work of art whoever put it together. One time I got a keychain with my order. Most recently, I got a free T-shirt with my order. I picked the order up at Mass States contest, and the T-shirt was free. It was crazy!

I love the YYE cards, and won a $250 gift certificate in those cards once. Another time, I won a center trac bearing in the card packs. I put a few of those YYE stickers on a pair of kicks, snapped a pic and won $25 in the contest.

I’m one of those who has no complaints about the status quo in that department. I’d say…keep up the good work. :smiley: I’ll snap a photo of some of this stuff I’ve gotten in orders, that would be a thread all it’s own.