June 2012-Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Post your entries for June 2012 in this thread!


Trying to teach my brother of 10 months how to yoyo.
NOTE: No babies were harmed during the removal of the sticker. :slight_smile:


I put my sticker on my sweet Puma Forever Scooter. Happy Throwing.


Alrighty then! Here’s my entry:
Just a bunch of yoyo related stuff, including three signed YYE Trading cards! (1 Dan Dietz, 2 André Boulay, in the center of the pic)
I did this because I love YYE. :slight_smile:


Even’a Mario agrees’a, YoYoExpert is’a da best’a place’a for yo yo-yoin’a needs!


On my wallet. :smiley:

Funny, how most of my money go to yo-yos…

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This is my pic

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Expert Box… Win!

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YYE sticker on brand spankin’ new Toyota Highlander!! Very Luxurious.

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Deciding it’s time to put a custom graphic in my Lyn Fury, I felt the sticker was not alone for the purpose of this contest…time to dig up 4 red yoyos and make the YYE iconic logo! So yea, here you go!


i put it onto my computer case xD

I don’t think I understand… Did you just pout it on the ground?

heres my entry :slight_smile:

Not to be mean, but doesn’t that eliminate the point of the ‘Sick-it’ concept?

Hey dude, this is edited. It doesn’t count!
Wish I was a mod…

You can just report it.



no because it was stuck to the ground

theres no rules against it

Rules say no photoshop or anything you came up with on your computer. It would be a good idea to read the rules of a contest before you enter.