Extra Stickers?

I just thought it would be cool if they sold stickers so like a yoyo you click it on the drop down menu pick your quantity and buy them for like 10 cents or a quarter each or 25 cents each and 4 for a dollar what a deal!


yeah that would be cool especially so more people could enter the Stick it Click it Send it Win. :slight_smile:

Do you work for the the Department of Redundancy Department?


Lmao… Seriously though, I like this idea

Because he must be the Professor of Redundancy Professor of the Department of Redundancy Department Professor

Ya it was obviously a joke,lol. I am not that stupid.

yeah. obviously.

Thanks for clarifying that. :wink:

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I saw potential for a joke, and made it, I was not implying anything about anyone.

I’m surprised we’re talking about it, honestly.

Killed it…

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I don’t know if you guys know, but when you make an order from YYE, if you ask for extra stickers in the comments section, they’ll send you 10-15 assorted stickers (They aren’t just the YYE logo). :slight_smile:

Yeah I would love for this to happen, I always wished yye could send you more than one sticker. Because they’re really cool.

more stickers would be nice because we could put them in more places and share YYE’s awesomeness!!

AGREED!!! YYE stickers are awesome, I have ton of yoyo stickers on my door to my bedroom… :wink:

Yeah I love my yye stickers and I wish you could pay a little extra to get more of them. Because they do look really cool.


You’re exaggerating.

Yeah lol! but seriously good idea.