Didnt get stickers with yoyoexpert order. Why didnt i get any?

Help me

Just email YYE your order and say you didn’t get any. They are usually nice enough to send you some :slight_smile:

Are you kidding dude?

I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose. It costs them, basically, nothing and provides decent exposure to the YYE brand.

But are you fo real?

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its seems great service and having a a large selection of goods in stock just isnt good for some, maybe they were out of stickers or something, i know it sucks but just place another order and you might get two :slight_smile:

I’m sure it just happens sometimes. My first order here was just a small bundle of strings. I didn’t get either the sticker or the cards. Not a big deal.

Let us not worry about such things.
We have more important matters to discuss, like the dwindling population of Foxabit


LoL why didn’t you just email them instead of making a thread? Love the Foxabit btw :wink:

I’ve always been more of a jackalope fan.


If you were in the US I’d have told you to pm me your address and I’d send you like 10. I’m swimming in these things.

It’s not like Yoyoexpert has some malicious intent to promise stickers and not give them in order to achieve great monetary gain…Or do they?!

Go to the store and buy some gold star stickers.

I’m sure the OP was looking for advice. But sarcasm is always a healthy supplement.

@OP just shoot them an e-mail and your problem should be solved.

Can I come over for a pool or sticker party :P?