another reason to order from yye

About 3 or 4 months ago i ordered some monkey snot from yoyoexpert they all dried out in the tube one that i did not even open, i emailed yye and they said that they would replace it when they got a new batch from monkeyfinger, i had almost forgotten about it until today when i received a package from yye

Long story short, yoyoexpert is the best shop in the world!!!

Yes, yes it is.

They have replaced many things for me. :slight_smile:

Same. :smiley:

same almost all of my throws are from yye

I love it because it is a convenient and perfect place to get educated on what throw would be bet for you and shop/compare different brads on one site.
There customer service is also golden (-:

That and also they give the best prices for the most recent yoyos.

The reason why YYE is the best is because you can be new and people will treat you like you’ve been posting for years. You can purchase something and know that it’s gunna come how you expected, if not it’ll be taken care of by the staff because they are throwers themselves. You can ask for help and not be embarrassed. Hats off to YYE

Many months ago I ordered a D bearing SkyWalker from the store. When it came there was a problem which is evident in the photo. I contacted YYE and received an email from Andre’ in 12 minutes. No bs, 12 minutes. Two days later I had a new SkyWalker with a postage prepaid return envelope to send the defective one back. I own a restaurant so I’m in the business of customer service… I know great service when I see it. This is great service.

YYE also seems to have great relationships with manufacturers, which can make a difference. Had a very minor problem with a YYF throw, and even though I said “It’s no big deal, you don’t need to fix it, I just thought you’d want to know,” Andre worked directly with YYF who in turn resolved the issue with me (and then some).

YYE rules (and hats off to YYF for that instance, as well!).

Yes YYE is the best! I’ve had another online store outside the USA tell me that because I opened the shipping box and inspected my clyw puffin which I didn’t even throw and when I told them about it they told me that because the box was opened there was nothing they could do for me. YYE would laugh at such a thing that’s why any money I spend on Yoyo stuff goes to YYE :slight_smile: I support 100% except recently I bought some string lab strings(great strings)

Thanks - FYI you can get the strings direct from YYE.

Only the Type X, right? Not that I mind, 'cause I love me some Type X. :wink:

Andre’ and the rest of the staff at YYE are incredible! I had a recent incident in which I ordered 2 Bapezilla 2’s and on my second throw, the string snapped, broke an angel’s wing on my nativity scene we had setup, hit my glass table (didn’t break it thankfully) and bounced across my new tile…needless to say I was standing there shocked like a deer caught in the headlights. The Bapezilla 2 looked like it was beaten up by Godzilla and had a decent amount of vibe. I sent an email to YYE that night and the next morning I received an email from Andre’ personally stating that he was sorry to hear that that happened and he sent me out another one later that day. YYE staff and Andre’ have the best Customer Service out of any business I have ever seen and I wish them success for years to come.

genji, did they replace the angel too??? :smiley:

That’s right. Hmmm, I’ll have to think about this.

Wow, that’s above and beyond the call of duty right there.
I’ve had some very positive experiences with the YYE staff as well. They always helped me out without question when i had an issue.

Had a unscrewing problem with a 1080, I shipped it in and they found it working fine, but they replaced it :smiley: :D. Plus on a return I got another sticker and pack of trading cards. Instead of just the yoyo.

Type-X rules! The Yellow ones last ages :slight_smile: I’m going to have to order some soon though, i’m down to my last 15.

Yoyoexpert is the best yo-yo store around in my opinion. The customer service is great, the best selection, and the best at restocking. I have never had any major issues with products, or return/exchange needs, but I have asked for advice and recommendations, and they were always provided. No other store can beat what YYE has to offer, the store and the site in general. It is the best store, a place to learn, and the best place to hang out and kill time online too. I spent more money this year at YYE than any other store online or otherwise this year. That says a lot.

One of the best reasons to buy from YoyoExpert,
Spinning shots AKA In Motion
It always helps to pick a color when you know what it looks like while spinning :slight_smile: