YoYoExpert is Awesome - The *Official* Thank You YoyoeXpert Thread

Everyone knows it. But has anyone ever though that all of us here still have some of the credit. We are the ones who but the yoyos. Without us, YYE may not get enough money and have to go out of business.

Thanks to YoYoExpert for the great customer service, yoyo selection, prices, etc. and thank you all, for making it all possible.

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This will be the official YoyoeXpert is awesome, thank you, thread.

In here you can post -

Buying experiences
Costumer Service experiences
Rave about how awesome they are
Pretend like your post is a thread

That way the forum sections stay clean, and new people can just read through it all!

Always had good and fast shipping, as well as every product being received in outstanding condition! Thanks YYE!! :slight_smile:

I have two very very good experiences with YYE Customer Service:

I was really excited the night I got my Gold w/ Blue Splash Yomega Glide. I threw it a couple of times, and it didn’t feel quite as smooth as I expected. I took a closer look at the rims and I saw a small dent (I had not hit anything with up to that time, so I know I didn’t do it). I looked closer on the inside near the hub (or whatever it’s called) and saw a few ano flaws and a couple scratches. I threw it down a few more times to make sure it was those marks that had caused the vibe instead of my throw, so I threw it down and the string broke (after about 5 throws). I figured it was just because I had done something weird. I put on another string threw it down and binded it perfectly fine. Then, I threw a breakaway and the string broke again. I completely set down the yoyo and went to find the packaging. I called YYE the next business day and asked them about it and they send to send it back. So, I sent it back and within two weeks, I was playing with a new Glide. I still have it and enjoy it. The thing is, because of this experience, I am almost afraid to throw it.

My brother bough his very first metal yoyo, the YoyoOfficer Kilter. He was really excited when it came in the mail in about 2 days. He opened it up and started throwing it and loved it. However, shortly after getting it, he knotted his bearing. He was having trouble opening it because it, apparently, was on really tight (he did not know the pin method of un-knotting bearings). So, he called me in and I tried. It took me a while but, eventually, I got it open. The bearing fell out (now this may have something to do with the problem that came up). We got the string off, put the bearing back in, and tried to screw it back together. Well, it wouldn’t work. We screwed it on most of the way, but then it started making a really loud squeaking sound and didn’t go and further. We thought maybe he had stripped the axle or something. We decided to set it down and wait until the next day and try to clean the bearing and take it apart and stuff. Well, the next day, we could not move the bearing. It wouldn’t even spin on the axle, it was so jammed. We called YYE and they gave us a return number and we sent it back. It took a very long time for it to return (three to four weeks), but just last Friday, my brother got it back and has been non-stop throwing it since. We didn’t even have to get a new one, YYE found a way to fix it and he still has the same one he started with, but working this time. The first thing we did when he got it, actually, was tried to get the bearing off and clean all the inside and everything, just to make sure that wouldn’t happen again. Well, it hasn’t happened again.

Great customer service by YYE. Thanks a bunch to you guys.

Wait, I thought these were supposed to be separate. ???


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Thank you, YoYoExpert!

Yoyoexpert has been a great infuence on my life, and I probably wouldn’t be as far into yoyos as I am without it. Everything such as the trick tutorials by Andre, a wide selection of throws, incredibly fast shipping (I’ve never had a yoyo come to be in more than 3 buisness days), and especially the forum. I’ve been able to talk to people with my same interests the way I never would have been able to simply because not a lot of people in Dalls Texas really yoyo. I’ve emailed yoyoexpert numerous times and I’ve always gotten a response back in less than 3 hours, and you guys support for the community has truly changed yoyoing for the best. Thanks so much!

Thanks YYE

Title says it all

As much as I like Billy Bob’s Bait and Tackle Shop… YoYoExpert is the best!

Yeah that shop is so great hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to open a store called

And sell yoyos.

What did you really mean? PM me. :smiley:

Fast shipping, and I wouldn’t be throwing without YYE, so thanks Andre

I bought some strings and when I got the email of confirmation I noticed that my address was wrong. so I emailed them back. and before they sent my package they fixed my address and sent me a new confirmation email with the right info.

thank you yoyoexpert you guys are awsome friendly and great at what you do. with excellent customer service.