Latest Customer Experience Report (It's all good)


So, I’ve been shopping for a yoyo for my son. I went directly to the top because the forum was tremendously helpful, but trying to obtain the recommended models was impossible because they were either discontinued, out of stock or way too much to spend for a 6 year old. However, next year, I think my son is gonna be into $100+ throws as he’s already all over mine.

Andre himself made a recommendation, which I followed up on and purchased the recommended model, and we bundled it with another order that I placed so they shipped at once. Monday: out the door they go from YYE over to my house. Wednesday they arrived. Unfortunately, I was NOT pleased with the item I ordered for myself. Defect? No. What happened was that I clicked the WRONG colorway, and the best I can tell is that is exactly what happened. The YYE cart has a system of “checks” in place, so I had plenty of opportunity to fix this issue, but somehow I overlooked it.

A quick friendly exchange of emails, and YYE send me the replacement item on Thursday, while I sent my incorrect colorway item back Wednesday, less than 2 hours after receiving it. Thank goodness for Postal services like Delivery Confirmation. Since I was able to provide proof of the item being on its way, it makes it easier for YYE to go ahead and “advance ship” the replacement product. I even offered to pay the shipping to fix MY mistake, but in this case, YYE said they’d take care of it.

Granted, this is a bit of an exception.

Keep customer service in mind. Sometimes there’s more to things than just prices, but due to competition in retail, almost everyone is charging the same. YYE is not the only place with good customer service though, but I do want this to focus on YYE. There have been a few places I’ve not been pleased with, and so I don’t buy from those places anymore.

A note for international buyers, first timers and more:
Help and questions are a quick message away. Contact YYE if you have questions or concerns. They WILL take care of you best they can. Be positive, friendly, reasonable and open to suggestions as well as offer reasonable solutions. Approach things from how you’d like to be treated. This isn’t the “you catch more flies with honey vs vinegar” thing, it’s about good etiquette.

I’ve done a few purchases this past week from different places. ALL have been positive. YYE wasn’t the only place I had an “issue” with, and in that other instance, it’s also being taken care of quickly and properly. Good customer service is universal.


apparently YYE service is amazing. That’s why I only order from these guys.



something amazing i just witnessed, was that i had oredered YYR pads for my First run clash, not knowing that YYR switched groove deepness over the years, and i had already used one pad, so after some emails back and forth with Andre, i mailed him back the ONE yyr normal pad i had left, and he sent me FOUR YYR irpads. now, that is customer service.


wow. that’s amazing.



Man yoyoexpert is awesome!

btw what throw did you get for your son? he sounds like a great thrower for his age


Anyone you talk to in the Yoyo Community will tell you that yoyoexpert is the best. I have had questions on a Friday night about a order I received that day and got a response in like five minutes. They are soooo good I would not shop any where else in the yoyo community.


i shop YYE for a few reasons:

  1. they have great costumer service
  2. its run by some really awesome people

and most importantly its in MA so i get my stuff in less than 4 days ;D


Well, with the fedex option I was able to get my 7075 Supernova in 23hrs. all the way from YYE to Vancouver Island! Also, when I received my Speed Dial last month, it had a cracked plastic hub piece. Andre could have easily asked for proof and/or sent me a replacement part. But, noooooooooooooooo…he went the distance and sent me a brand new Speed Dial. Thanks Andre, you customer skills are unsurpassed!


So what Yo did he recommend for a six year old?


Hmm, He’s replaced Two Northstars for me that randomly cracked.

I sent back pads, and he gave me store credit…

He’s offered to fix yoyos and let me come there. ( I hope to do that one some day.) :slight_smile:


Yeah what I have found about YYE is that they have the best prices and there reliable

(Owen) #12


YYE is the best