thanks yoyoexpert for having exellent CS

i just wanted to thank you guys/girls for the great cs i got.
i got a yoyo in and it had a axle prob, so i called YE, told them the prob,asked if i could just mabye glue it. they said yeah u can, but well just send you a new one with a pre-paid return shipping envelope. WOW… thats awsome no downtime on waiting for them to get mine back then ship a new one…thats just exellent, and very trusting… also if they do this type of thing for “you” dont take advantage of them…
once again THANK YOU yoyoexpert for being awsome… ;D

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Yes for sure! The best customer service ever!! I’ve ordered ALOT over the past couple of years and I think there has only been two small mistakes which they fixed fast! Plus André personally messages and really enjoys speaking with all his fans, friends!! I love these guys, always helpful!

I have ordered a ton, and never had any problems whatsoever. Andre goes above and beyond what is expected from an online store. YYE is always my #1 choice where I buy my yo-yos and accessories. The best selection, variety, and best deals I’ve seen anywhere. I’m a fan of the man…and the store. Great store…great staff too.

The customer service here is truly outstanding. I had a pre paid shipping slip thingy (technical term) emailed to me only 20 minutes after notifying them my yoyo arrived broken.

They also ship out orders faster than any other company I have seen.