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I just wanted to leave some feedback about my YoYoExpert shopping experience. I ordered some Yomega Brain XP YoYos because I like the way they perform and I wanted to get one in every color. YoYoExpert had an excellent selection and I ordered three of them. Unfortunately, one of them turned out to be defective and would not return from sleep mode. I contacted customer service at YoYoExpert and told them the problem and they immediately sent out a new one in the correct color. It works PERFECT! I returned the defective one (they included a prepaid mailer) back to YoYoExpert.

This is truly outstanding customer service and I will be return customer for sure. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Stories like this are why we keep coming back to YYE.

Love it when people take their time to share the GOOD stories. Most of the time people only pipe up when they feel slighted. Thanks so much!


Deputy, you are not alone in your approval of how YYE does business. These kids do a great job.


Now you’ll never turn back.


I feel like I order weekly. Great service!


Glad to hear that you had excellent customer service just like how the rest of us have had, and it’s nice to hear that you’ll be a returning customer. Hopefully you’ll stick around here on the forums as well! Glad to have you!

(Erik Kerber ) #7

Yea YYE is the best.

I had a deffective bearing one time and they sent me a new one right a way.


just got my first order from YYE this week and this will definitely be my go to source for yoyo and related supplies. super fast shipping and very reasonable shipping rates. also love the email communication letting me know order was processed and shipped with tracking number, etc.

now, i’m checking daily for some out of stock yo-yos to come in then i’ll place the big one (order). that is the other thing i like - nice to see the qty on hand when i am ordering so i don’t order something that is not in stock. the whole YYE experience is great with the forums, tutorials, one stop shopping, etc…



They have great customer service
no questions asked
they will fix your situation