YOYOxpert review

This may have been covered before I’m sure, however I would like to give the folks at YOYOx a 5 star review based on quality customer service.

About 2 months ago my son had someone come and do a yoyo demo with an option to purchase a yoyo with some procedes to benefit the school. SO I jumped on that and got hooked into yoyo with my son and now my daughter as well.

Since then I made a purchase of among others a mighty flea. Now I saw someone throwing down in person, but mine just didn’t perform well. SO I removed the bearing to clean , but it had a terrible ‘notch’ in it. SO bad if you stuck it on a pencil and spun it with your finger it would spin then 1/2 the time it would kick back and spin the other way at the end. I could not get more than 10 or 12 second sleep time… SO after 2 or 3 weeks of trying to get it clean I emailed YYX and they without question or hesitation rushed me out a new flea bearing- Unfortunatly it was the older flea bearing the wrong size. SO I contacted them again and they had received a batch of older flea bearing by mistake from YYF. They were sorry for the problems and said as soon as they get them or even sooner I would get my bearing.

Today I received not one but two from YYF directly…The proper size and guess what - they spin almost 10 seconds without the flea attatched!

Thanks so much YYX and YYF for taking care of me and not giving up or blowing me off.


Good to see people being taken care of. :slight_smile:

yeah YYE
takes care of their own
when i first ordered me pgm2 and string
the string was missing the same day i called and fixed the whole thing out

love the service at YoyoExpert!

that’s why i buy here

Im glad that worked out for you. :slight_smile:
Yoyoexpert is without a doubt, the Best Yoyo Store Ever Made. :smiley:

YoYoExpert is the best!~

Yoyoexpert made me scream like a little girl today.

I agree, the service here is abnormal. In most places, service is junk, not to mention a place like Walgreens or something that will put you on hold and then not answer you back, so you can be on hold for hours and hours. Yoyoexpert is different, and that’s why if I ever have any questions, this is the first place I turn to.

The shipping is outstanding we live ib sc and my friend ordered something a Saturday and it got here on monday

If you ever get a chance to meet Andre, you’ll know why YYE is so epic.

Please do explain! :smiley:

YYX is awesome because I live in MA so Priority shipping is the same as express shipping for me.


On a holiday weekend I ordered Friday and recieved it Tuesday (Monday the postal service was closed)!
And I called cause I thought I screwed my order up online and they were very friendly and accomodating.
Props to the YYX gang and the postal service!