coming to YoYo Expert


Interesting that many ask about going to YY Factory HQ…

it was a great hour that I will remember and frankly since I am in Scottsdale all the time, I will go back and say hello from time to time.

not many ever take the time to thank the people that work in another arena of our passion - YoYo Expert is another small company that takes pride in what they do, consideration and responsibility for it’s clients is primary.

I can say this without reservation - I had a shipping issue, Andre wrote to me and explained the problem and fixed it…

how many owners care? not many though I have found small business does. coming from a background as a small business owner I can say that there is no finer place to deal with for honesty and responsibility to clients.

thanks, Andre and all the members of your staff at Yo Yo Expert.


no, I get zero feebies for this shameless post.

the lost art of customer service lives…


I’ve known André for many years, I believe I was one of the first 20 people to own the original Dark Magic (still got it!) when he sold them out of a box at the Z-Games, fresh from the factory at YYJ.

Even so, if the service I received from YYE hadn’t been up to standard, I could have gone elsewhere but I simply haven’t had the need. Other stores offer free shipping, or slightly lower prices but for me supporting someone who gives SO MUCH back to the community is more important than that. YYE sponsors most contests at the highest level, and André judges contests all over the world. Sure there are other stores, but why would you need them?

YYE 4 Life


Stuff sells out here too fast, everything I want is always gone.

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That didn’t take long…



guess your not fast enough…

you can clearly buy from anyone who has what you want.

my only point is that the people who work here are are honest, hard working and care about us as a group of people who share the same passion of yoyo…

stuff sells out everywhere jeans, shoes, bags, condoms…

busy day, busy night ya gotta be fast if you must have that treasure.


please don’t berate YY Expert for simply selling out of something.


I think stuff only sells out fast because of how popular YYE is - look at a company like CLYW, they only make very limited quantities of their product and they have to distribute between the stores therefore since YYE has many more customers they are going to sell out of an item faster. You can’t blame YYE for that, blame the manufacturers creating artificial hype by only releasing small quantities.


This. I wasn’t blaming YYE, but the reason I sometimes buy yoyos elsewhere is because YYE doesn’t always have what I want. I can still find a few of every recent CLYW and General-Yo release on other stores, so I would have to buy from them if wanted them.



all clearly understand you buy from the place that has what you want. I was not suggesting anything different…

the only point of my post was to thank YY Expert for what they do as yet another small company within the yoyo earth…

I would never suggest and did not, nor would anyone else blame you for buying anything, from anyplace, EVER.

YY Expert could have 5000 of a yoyo you must have but if it is the wrong colorway go get it someplace else.

I have cried multiple times because YY Expert was out of my “special yoyo,” sure they have the yoyo but not the color I want.

the reason I do not look to other suppliers is that I don’t NEED the yoyo and I know that the CUSTOMER SERVICE I get/will get from YY Expert is better; yoyo this is from my experience only…

I can buy from any place I choose, I choose to buy from YYE.


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Yoyo doesn’t care why you’re thanking YYE. Yoyo looks at the main subject and tries to find what he doesn’t like about it. Then he proceeds to post his negativity regardless of whether it’s on your original topic or not.

(Just my observations from his behavior on other threads)



thanks for your input and I had a feeling.

we will see.

have a great week.



I have always received excellent service from YYE and on the few times I had a problem it was taken care of immediately and politely.


YYE is a fantastic store to be sure. If I lived in the US I wouldn’t shop anywhere else, however I normally tend to order from our own UK store for two reasons:

  1. To support UK yoyoing
  2. To minimise shipping cost/customs charges

That being said, if a yoyo I want isn’t available to the UK, I don’t think twice before ordering it off here. This is the go-to US store for me, and will stay that way for a long time.


I gotta go with yoyo on this one
In what way did yoyo “berate” YYE?
I did not see any rage from his comment that showed signs of criticizing YYE.
He pointed out that items of his liking are sold quickly because of the popularity of this retailer
and that he would buy it somewhere else, which you seem to not do.
Like you said, anyone is free to shop anywhere they want. You shop at YYE, and yoyo isn’t bound anywhere(shops where he pleases)
Sometimes yoyos comment make me feel :frowning:
But after all, yoyo’s opinions are his own opinions, wether youlike it or not.
Please don’t make this thread like the “Duncan torque thoughts” thread xD


nobody on this forum should be allowed to have the username “yoyo”


Yeah that’s it ::slight_smile:

I was just giving my reasons for not shopping at YYE all the time. Guess I’m not allowed to have an opinion. I actually have many positive comments, you think I’m always negative due to confirmation bias (and I have a sarcastic sense of humor).


Most of my stuff has come from YYE on the basis that they sponsor contests and host a large community while also serving as a point of reference for tricks, throws on the market and upcomming competitions.

As for stuff selling out to fast… I think that’s really just CLYW’s problem due to hype marketing. One Drop, another well loved manufacturer (Who makes CLYW’s throws for Eff’s sake) released the Gradient a week ago. There are still plenty in stock, from a total of something short of 50 yoyos?

I thought it would have sold out by now honestly, hence why I ordered mine on day one at 7 in the morning. YYE has little to do with stock and availability, as CLYW and other manufacturers probably maintain contracts with shops so they’d carry their products by selling a certain number of throws to those outlets.


I did not say that he did; I said don’t berate YYF, any of us, because some yoyo is out of stock.

if you choose to believe that I have some ripping attitude for yoyo I do not.

clearly his/her opinions are his or hers…

not mine to argue with his/her choice of where to buy. I simply made some comments about why I think YY Expert Rocks above many others and frankly I like to buy locally.

don’t we all? wait, wait maybe I said the wrong thing here - life is choice.

hers and even my freaking 14 pound dog has a choice.

please do not quote that I do not believe in choice. yes for birth control, cars, art and even the green vegatable…


It does get confusing, but you get used to it after a while :slight_smile:

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Totally different situation. I didn’t cause that either so yeah… It really has no bearing on this conversation. Thank you for bringing it up though. It’s great advice. Please try not to turn Ginny’s “let’s thank YYE” thread into “Let’s gang up on GoCrazyForYoyo” thread. :wink:

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I don’t buy exclusively from YYE either, but that’s a totally different thread. Your negativity is not always on topic.

Your opinions are fine. Are you trying to say I can’t have an opinion of your opinion. Lol.