Yoyo expert store?


Does anyone know if there is a physical yoyo expert store in mass.? If so where can I find the information.


There is not a physical, “typical,” store front but many members have visited their place of business. Contact YYE and they should help you out! :wink:


They are moving to a bigger space in the same general area soon. I’m hoping they set up an area where we can hang out for awhile if we want to. Andre said once, that he wished he had room to do that. If he does, I’ll go hang out :slight_smile: I’d love to see that. It wouldn’t be a storefront, but it would be cool to hang out at YYE now and then. It’s a cool place each time I go.

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I’m dying to go to an actual yo-yo store. I’d love to have the experience of trying out some throws and picking one based upon my own taste, rather than buying whatever’s popular because it won the marketing war.


there may be one not too far from you.


Everytime I go there I feel like Charlie when he walks into Willy Wonka’s place for the first time!!! EVERY time!!! It is that much fun!!!


YYE is a bit like Emerald City. You have to see the man with the plan…nevermind the yo-yos. Yeah, you me and Fellavader last year, heading there like we were on the yellow brick road or something…going to see the Wizard…I mean National Master. I’m still Dorothy though. You picked Toto to get out of being one of the others :smiley: I swear he put the power in my Dark Magic. I split the atom after that…YES! You got the power of forum expert, Fellavader the power of NH Club and NH contest and I got the power of spreading leather holders and great photos of throws. :smiley:

Also, Willy Wonka went to the Chocolate Factory. But, we have a Yoyofactory, and I do wonder if YYF looks like that with yo-yos. Time for a trip to AZ too. Maybe Ben can tell us. Is there a YYF office video? :smiley:


Like this:

More of the factory than the office though.


Just getting back into yoyo after about 20 years away from it, and discovered is site. Also discovered that yye is located in the Happy Valley, where I grew up and where my family live. Next time I’m back in town for a visit, I hope to stop by. Small world. I was in Northampton, ma in 1994 when I finally mastered the brain twister with my Kuhn SB-2.



I tried that Root Beer Float trick… It didn’t work…

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Lol, we’ve come so far. I remember when brain twister was an accomplishment to be proud of and split the atom was out of sight. Of course, it didn’t help that I didn’t have Youtube in 1998. Learning tricks from text and pictures was HARD. SB-2 was “that yo-yo I can’t buy until I grow up.”


Yup, for sure. That SB-2 was amazing in its day, and the brain twister awed all who saw it. I can’t wait to get my new throws (7 of them ordered :D) and start seeing how much farther these things have advanced compared to the SB-2, and what it will take to move into the advanced and expert tricks. The videos of both the instruction and performance of some of the very talented players are quite inspiring.

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What did you get? I’m interested to know which ones looked good to you.


I got a new MaxBet, I am pulling the trigger on the whole lot from pertyo in the B/S/T. E=mc2, DreadnoughtG, ReClash, Triplet, Attune, CLASHcube.

I’m very eagerly awaiting these, as you can probably imagine.


Nothing but the best, huh? :smile:

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What a haul! You dive in and don’t go for a single plastic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’m kinda like that. I like nice things. Even if I’m poor and broke (which I have been most of my life) I’d rather have a few nice things than a lot of junk, so I save up. 20 years ago, when I bought my first yoyo, I bought it because the SB-2 was released. I saw that beautiful piece of aircraft aluminum and had to have it. I got it for christmas or my birthday. I wish I knew where it was today.

I was watching storage wars, and they found a yoyo collection in one of the recent episodes, and it reminded me how much I loved that yoyo (lost in one of many moves in the last 20 years) and did a quick web search to see if Tom was still making them. Well, he was, but I also found this site. Needless to say, I loved how much more I could do with the SB-2 than I could with my imperial from my childhood, I figured, it can only get better with these new designs. I love nice design and machine work. These things really are little pieces of art unto themselves in my opinion. Plus they are fun! I’m lucky to have a little disposable income, and so I splurged. Should be a fun journey.

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I understand, but there are some great plastics these days.


"It has almost been FIVE years since I first started YoYoExpert. Five years ago I made the decision that I would take a chance to try and do something I loved. It has been the best decision of my life.

Then three years ago we moved into our first ‘official’ office space. It was scary and exciting and bigger then what we need. But before we knew it we too outgrew this wonderful space…

Now with five amazing full time employees and a lot more yo-yos then when we first started we take the next big step and get ready to make our new ‘home’ at the Eastworks Building in Easthampton, MA! We will have three times the room there to work and are beyond excited for the new energy and level of organization it will bring! (Not to mention the eventual game plan of having a semi-store front type place for yo-yo players to come see and try stuff out!).

Lot’s of exciting things to come - for now we have a busy weekend of moving ahead of us! Lot’s of love and thanks to each and every one of you who has supported my dream and passion that is YoYoExpert. I could not be more thankful."

  • André Boulay

That’s yye’s latest fb post


He is aware of our posts and questions. He is always paying attention, that’s why he is the best. He addressed it all right tnere, as he knew inquiring minds wanted to know. I just wrote that post last week about him being kind, perceptive and gracious. That post says it all! My favorite store…I wish them the best for growth in the future. The sky is the limit. Let’s continue to show our support. I certainly will. :slight_smile: Special thanks to Devon, Matt and the rest of the crew for all their hard work. Such a great team.

So, I will be making occasional shopping appointments in this yo-yo heaven to be. ;D