Visited YYE simply awesome

The family and I are on a short vaca in Boston so on our way up we had an appointment to visit the mecca. All I can say is WOW! My 9 year old yoyo nut Mitchell was in absolute heaven and at times looked as if he may explode with excitement.

Andre and his guys are simply awesome and I hope they have all the success they deserve. Just a great trip and something I’ll remember for a very long time. :wink:

you can go to the yye store now i want to go

I want to go also.

I wannnaaa goooooo. O.o’

I didn’t even know this “mecca” existed as a place where you could actually drive up to it, get out of your car and walk in. There’s an actual storefront someplace?

I’ve always had this picture of André sitting with a laptop in a basement full of all kinds of yoyos, off to one side a little bowl of Kraft Easy Mac getting cold on top of a laser printer spitting out invoice after invoice. His hair all a mess, gripping a Bic pen in his mouth, wild eyed desperately attempting to keep track of inventory and get orders ready for shipping. A mail truck backs up to his garage door every afternoon, a weary carrier loading up another load of yoyos to be delivered around the globe.

A real location you say. A brick and mortar shop with a canvas awning out over the front window? Inside there are glass cases of Dark Magic IIs, Gnarwhals, Spyder IIs, and the like? Walls with less expensive throws and bulk string hanging on pegs? A cash register with point of purchase temptations like One Drop 10 bearings and counterweights? Look there, hanging on one wall, an aged and browning photo of Donald Duncan with Pedro Flores shaking hands hanging in a frame, the glass is cracked just a little bit in one corner. A Duncan O-Boy sits in a little dusty shadow box under that picture. There is plenty of open area out in the middle of the place for trying out different throws. It used to be just a wooden floor, but André threw down a large area rug so people didn’t ding up the trial samples.

Like that? Is it anything like that?

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I sure hope that isn’t how it is.

Can’t stand MLP

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I think likely it’s an office space or something of that sort they’re running it out of. YYN was run out of Pat’s apartment for years, and people in the NY area stopped by frequently, if I’m not mistaken.

Woot, that’s awesome. I would love to visit sometime.

Wow. A storefront for all of this stuff? I’ve been to a brick-and-mortar yo-yo store before. It’s exactly like what Banjo is picturing. On a Main Street, with the inside filled with glass cases of yo-yos and other skill toys. There was also a revolving case with Trinities, Pros, and many other expensive yo-yos. Behind the register was a huge stock of the same yo-yos. Bulk string everywhere, expensive ones in smaller packets. I swear it was one of the most wondrous places I have been. I can only imagine the amazing scene the Yo-yo Expert Store has…

No storefront!! By appointment only.

Still. Pretty amazing.


Hard to go up from here after seeing YYE’s stock. Just crazy.

Andre said they are thinking about a new location with a storefront in the future.

That would be epic…

Tears up That was beautiful. Sniffle

You have just given fuel for the trolls.
May the forum god have mercy upon your soul.

…somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly and dreams really do come true…

Hey…I like Rainbows…And ya never know, maybe Cthulhu will grant Andre a wish…maybe

Just where is this vacation destination?

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Look for “Plinkety Plink” on Manitou Avenue

Hard to miss :slight_smile: