Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets (real store) only

Does anyone know any yoyo shops in Calgary? Greatly appreciated.

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Yoyo stores in most any town are very rare. You might try a hobby shop, a kite shop or an specialty game/toy store.

I built this list sometime back. I’m reposting it here because this issue seems to come up quite often.

A few general guidelines for finding a store in your area: Depending on where you live, try

  • Upscale toy or game stores in the malls in your area

  • Specialty stores that cater to frisbee golf, kites, juggling, or magic supplies etc

  • Some hobby/craft stores also carry them

National chains like Walmart and Target are now known to stock YYF, and Duncan lines at some locations.

As always, :phone: call before you go to make sure that they are still in business, or have what you are looking for.

Also, since the availability at national chains like Walmart and Target is becoming more widespread, I’m becoming less inclined to list the individual locations for those stores. In the future I may just say that these stores are known to carry a small selection.

If you know of a brick and mortar store in your area that sells more than Duncan Imperials, scroll to the next post, it is wiki and you can update it.

Please post brick and mortar stores only - NO online or mail order stores, please.


This is a list of stores/locations that I have gathered from various sources, mostly yoyo boards. I’m listing them here because I have seen them mentioned as having quality yoyos in the past. If you have any further information on these stores, please feel free to post a note regarding them. Intelligent pro/con comments welcome (i.e. flames will be deleted).

:mega: This is a wiki post!

Corrections welcome. Press the image button at the bottom of this post if you wish to add a new entry or make a correction.

As always, :phone: call before you go to make sure that they are still in business, or have what you are looking for.

National Chains

Some Big 5 Sporting Goods stores sell Duncan Speed Beetles, FH2, Yomega, cotton string.

Fred Meyers stores - They are in the North West (OR, WA, ID) They carry Duncan and Fast brands.

Some Target stores nationally - Duncan Freehand, Proyos and Proflys, YYF Fast 201
Livingston and Ingham county Michigan; Smithfield, RI; Mayfield Heights, OH

Some Walmarts nationally - Duncan Proyos and Proflys, maybe YYF Fast 201
Livingston and Ingham County Michigan;
Durham, North Carolina; Mayfield Heights, OH

Some K-Marts - Duncan, Fast 201

Sports Chalet stores - Duncan fh2, squirls, and mosquitos


Northwind Kites - Fifth Avenue Mall(bottom floor under JCPennies)
Sells Duncans, Spintops, Diabolos, other skilltoys
(TheTez - 3/2007)


Chandler, AZ
Atomic Comics
201s, duncans, yomegas, yyf
(zbadboy - 3/2008)

Scottsdale/Tempe, Paradise Valley Mall
Game Daze, Hobby Bench
(bazmonkey - Sep, 2004)

Tucson, Arizona
Game Daze, Park Place Mall, - Duncan, Fast 201’s, others
(Quickyo, DrLoathing - Feb 16, 2004)

Tucson, AZ - Mrs. Tiggywinkles, 4811 E Grant Road
Da Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Metallic Missles,Duncan line, Bumblebees, Throwmonkeys, Pocket Rockets,
(flameboy1117 - Mar 03, 2004)

Tucson Arizona
CowFly Skill Toy’s
921 W. Prince Rd.
Tucson, AZ. 85705
(It’s inside the aqua solutions swimming pool store)
Full line of Duncan, Dif-E-Yo, YoYoJam and soon we will have H-Spin and anti yo along with yoyofactory
and Radyoactive. We also carry a full line of parts like KK bearings Response pads and bulk string.
(CowFly - Oct. 8, 2006)

Mesa, AZ - City Billiards, Main and Dobson, $7 billiard gloves a.k.a. black lycra yo-yo cloves
(bazmonkey - Nov 24, 2004)


Alameda, California. - Toy Safari
Duncans and possibly YYJ
(Azrael - Jul 24, 2004)

Games of Berkeley
2151 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704
Duncans (FH2, FHZ, speed beetles, friction stickers and bearing kits)
Yomega (Precedent, Xodus II, Hyperwarp Heavywing, etc)
Buzzons, Tom Kuhn,
TurboLover - 12/2006

D&J Hobby and Crafts - yomegas and duncans and possibly hyperyoyos
(almostaname - 4/2007)

Chico - Bird in Hand
320 Broadway
Lots of yoyos and stuff.
Chico Yo-Yo Club

Encinitas, CA - ToyGarden
Xodus’, Fireballs, Hyperwarp Wings, Powerspins, and multi-colored yomega string.
(throwmonkey77 - Dec 07, 2004)

Folsom - Mind Over Matter
(916) 983-0444
1007 E Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630
Carries: Yomega, and some other wooden Yo-Yo’s
(Wizaed - June 14, 2005)

Los Angeles, CA - Golden Apple Comics
Duncan, Yo-Yo Jam, Spintastics, Others

Montclaire, CA - Pegases Hobby, Hobby People
(Majik Bean - Oct 26, 2004)

Orange, CA - Yo-Yo Connection

Sacramento - Old City Kites
1717 B Front Street. Tel: (916) 446-7575

San Mateo, CA - Talbot’s Toyland
(re: YoYoFREAKZ!)

San Mateo, CA - Turf (Apparently no longer sells yoyos)
380 1st ave
San Mateo, 94401
open noon to 7pm every day
Except Mondays
Kiya’s (of Anti-Yo) store

Santa Barbara- YoYoCrazy
YoYoJam, Yomega, Duncan, Dif-e-Yo, YoYoFactory, Custom, Buzz-On
And a lot of accessories and some very cool shirts.
(*2A_Eternal - Aug, 15,2006)

Southern California - Hobby People (Check first, some stores closed)

Sports Chalet - sporting goods chain
Duncan fh2, squirls, and mosquitos.


Into the Wind kite store - some duncans and yomegas.
(tin_ - 3/2007)

Grand Junction
It’s Your Move: carry duncan fh2’s and others
Toy’s For The It: carry Duncan’s, yomega’s,henry’s, proyo’s coldfusion, & other skill toys.
(tobiastate - 12/2006)

Denver, CO - Wizard’s Chest (near Cherry Creek mall)
(YYJ, Duncan, Yomega, BC, TK, Proyo)
Also, Its Your Move game stores in local malls usually carry Yomegas.
(BillyB - Jan 06, 2004)


Milford, Connecticut - Game Time, CT Post Mall
Playmaxx Profires, Yomega Raiders, RBIIs.
(Hollow Man - Apr 27, 2004)

Toy Chests (City??)
yomegas i.e powerbrain, wing and an occasional monkey or fh2 or fhz
(biggyo3 - Mar 27, 2005)


YoYoJoes Toys & Fun in the Concord Gallery in Wilminton Deleware sells a large selection of yyj, yyf, duncans, as well as other skill toys!
3654 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803


Duncan Toys
1670 Buena Vista Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(chaotikchiken - 2/2/2019)

Tallahassee, Florida - Lofty Pursuits

Key West Florida - Key West Kites, Sport, Toy and Game, Co. They sell Yomegas, Duncans and Superyo.
(Clifford_Ball - Jan 2007)


Honolulu, Hawaii
Thinker Things at Kahala Mall
Yomega yoyo’s
(Mento Rehab - 3/2008)


Maui Toy Works
One in Whaler’s Village and one in the Lahaina Cannary Mall.
they sell yoyojams and yomegas and a some juggling balls
(X-CONVICT - Aug 9,2006)

808 205 0042


Eagle Toys and Hobbies - they carry Duncan and YoYoJam. Selection may vary over time.
(yoyo dad - 10/2007)
(yoyo dad says they’re going out of business - 7/2008)


Champaign-Urbana, IL:
Slot and Wing Hobbies. Older stuff mostly Team Losi and BC’s
Leisure Time Pet and Hobby Inc. Usually has a couple decent yos
Dallas and Co Costumes and Magic. Has some Yomega and Tom Kuhn stuff
(The Cooker - Jan 06, 2004)


Moon Marble
600 E. Front St.
Bonner Springs, KS 66012
They sell a full line of Duncans
(mrcnja - 3/2/2009)


Hobby Lobby (Russell, KY near the Hillbilly Flea Market)
(lysosome - July 22, 2006)

kentucky Oxford Mall (sharper image) yomega brains.
kentucky Oxford Mall (something to do) various duncans (no freehands and such) duncan spin tops, 100% cotton string.
meijers (anywhere there is one but for shure kentucky,) speed beetles, proyo’s, proflys, yyf fast 201, yoyo ball, duncan imperial/ butterfly, 100% cotton string.
(jaredkeith1 - July 23, 2006)


Portland, Maine - Northern Sky Toyz


Ocean City
The Kite Loft
511 Boardwalk
Ocean City, Maryland, 21842
Phone: (410) 289-6852
“on the boardwalk”
(bballglass12 - 4/1/2009)


Northampton, Massachusetts - A2Z Science and Learning Store
They carry a lot of different companies of yo-yos (YoyoJam, Duncan, etc)
They have a yo-yo club that meets at the store
(ShawnFumo - Jun 15, 2004)


Lapeer - Meijers
Proyos, proflys, fast 201, FreeHand 2’s and speed beetles.
(Rickscutratemasoremporium - Feb 20, 2005)

Also at Meijers in Livingston and Ingham Counties
Fast 201’s, Freehand II, Speed Beetle, Proyo, Profly
(Graydon - Feb 22, 2005)


Grand Haven, and Mackinaw Island
Mackinaw Kites and Toys
(X-CONVICT - Aug 9, 2006)


Mpls/St.Paul Area
Air Traffic - Bloomington, Burnsville, Eden Prairie, and Roseville
Wide selection of Duncan, YYJ, Spintastics, BC/TK, Henry’s etc.
My experience is that the Rosedale store staff are knowledgeable.

Mpls/St.Paul Area
Games by James - Southdale, Rosedale, Ridgedale
Yomega and Spintastic, and a couple of others, but spotty. Best to call first to see what they have. The Southdale store seems best, last I checked


Kansas City, MO - Hammonds Toys and Hobbies, Metro North Mall
Duncan FH2, FHZ, Bumble Bee, Dragon Fly, others
(IloveLoops, slack_loop_king - Mar 03, 2004)

Joplin, Mo - Eccentrix
Also has yoyo classes
(Jessurugi - Sep, 2004)

Saint Louis
the Museum Shop in the Saint Louis City Museum
We carry almost the full line from Yoyojam and from Duncan including 100% poly bundles
The Missouri Yoyo club meets every Saturday at the City Museum from noon to 4 pm.
For directions go to www.citymuseum.org or www.moyostates.com
(skidney - July 6, 2006, updated: STLmoyo, AronFace - 6/2007)


  • Omaha
  • Village Pointe Scheels: Yomegas, Strings, Cheap Duncans
  • Toy Liquidators off of I-80: Cheap Duncans
  • Mangelsons 84th St. I-80 : Yomegas, Duncans ( Cheapos and a few fhz’s ), Dube Juggling equipment, and diabolos.
  • Hobby Lobby on Q st.: Freehands, Mosquito, Bumblebee, and cheaper duncans. Duncan Strings.
    Wiggum - 11/2006


Las Vegas, Nevada
Danseys Hobby - Duncan and Yomega
Hobby People - Duncan and Yomega
Big 5 - Duncan FH, Speedles, Originals and Yomega’s
(Mulleteer - Dec 09, 2004)

New Hampshire

Concord, NH - YoYo Heaven
132 1/2 North Main Street
We are a skill toy store (not a toy store). We carry yo-yos, kendamas, tops, astrojax, and other skill toys. Yoyos are by far our largest inventory item. Currently stocking Duncan, Yomega, yoyoFactory, One Drop, Active People, Tom Kuhn, and a few others.
(603) 290-5353

Discovery Kids Store in Mall of New Hampshire, second floor
The sell yomega x-brains, and freehand 2’s
(notoriousbilal - 12/2006)

New Jersey

Hamilton, NJ - Air Circus at Hamilton Mall, during the spring and summer
“They got any where from yyj plastics to yyf metals” - jonahtroyzim 1/16/2011

Ocean City, NJ - Air Circus
(Amishyo - May 26, 2004)
yomega’s, YYJ’s, YYF (888’s, G5’s, etc.)
Address: 1114 Boardwalk Apt 1116
Ocean City, NJ 08226 (Address and stock info July 6, 2011, jonahtroyzim):

Redbank - Toymasters next to a hobbyshop
has yomegas finger tape and string.
(Kaleb - Jan 9, 2006)

New York

Ithaca, New York - Alphabet Soup, downtown, on the Commons
(1handed - Oct 29, 2004)

Central Valley - Upstate NY
World Of Fun
337 Red Apple Court in the Woodbury Common Outlet Center
Central Valley NY, 10917
Phone #-845-928-6012.
They carry the entire line up of newer Duncan yoyo’s. Not to mention they are a “Mom and pop” toy store
with the greatest, most unique toys ANYWHERE!
(YO - Dec 12, 2005)

Mount Kisco, NY
125 East Main Street
Mount Kisco, NY, 10549
(914) 666 4312
Duncan FH2’s, Bumblebee’s and Proyo’s, and Yomega Brain, Fireball, and Hyper Warp Wing. They also had some Yomega strings for sale.
(Chinshanky - 6/2008)


Dayton - Hobby Lobby
Huber Heights- Duncan Free Hand and Duncan Misquito.
Maybe also Carns Collectibles in Tipp City
(Smoothfire99 - Nov 1, 2005)

Middlefield, OH - Flambeau Outlet
Duncans, obviously…
(wanna be a bee 77 - Dec 07, 2004)

Kettering, OH - Meijer
Duncan imperials,butterflies,proyos, and proflies
(Jayman - Nov 26, 2004)


Okalahoma City
Hobby Lobby - they only have duncan but at least they are fhz’s and moskitos.
(icthus - 12/2006)


S.W. Randall Toyes and Giftes
630 Smithfield St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(chaotikchiken - 2/2/2019)

Hobbytown USA - sells yomega Xodus, Hyperwarp Heavy Wingsand Saber Raiders. May be some Duncan and YYJ soon.
(Bapezilla Monkey - 10/2007)

South Carolina

Toy Jungle Inc. (Reportedly closed)
1830 Woodruff Rd 29607
GREENVILLE SC 29607-5935
In the bi-lo shopping center strip mall.
Also - Wilsons five & dime
many locations
(yoyoaddict0111 - Jan 19, 2006)


Johnson City, TN - Hobbyland USA
Some Duncan
(kookookachu - Apr 23, 2004)

Hobby Town USA sells Yomega Xodus 2’s and Hyper Warp Heavy Wings and Brains
(CaliBuddha - 8/2007)

Cleveland, TN - Hobby Lobby (arts & crafts store)
FH2’s, ProFly’s (i think)
(Luke Vader - Mar 21, 2005)


Austin TX:
Toy Joy. Has most Duncan models.
(The Cooker - Jan 06, 2004)

San Antonio-Toy zone
1931 N.W. Military Highway, #121, San Antonio, Texas 78213
San Marcos-Paper bear
214 North L.B.J. Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666
Yomegas, Spintastics, Duncans, phat yos, superyo.
(Cold Fusion - Jun4 14, 2005)


Park City
JW Allen and Sons Toys.
(X-CONVICT - Oct 29, 2006)

Dave’s Comics: Some yomega and some duncan models
(mtgguy777 - 12/2007)

Perrywinkle Toys - Sells:: Yomegas, Lyn Furys, Kicksides and Big Bens.
(IV - 7.2007)

Washington State

Everett, WA - Big 5 on Everett Mall Way.
Older Duncan line, speed beetle, and fh2.
Various Yomega’s.
(jimmyxtango - Dec 08, 2004)

Port Orchard, WA - Fredmeyer
YYF Fast 201

Wenatchee - Hooked on Toys
Fixed axle duncans, Aerospins, variety of yomega brains
(Socks - Mar 21, 2005)

Leavenworth - The Wood Shop/Hat shop
Raider, Rb2, RPM, Butterbee, brains, string & stuff
(Socks - Mar 21, 2005)

Seattle - Top Ten Toys
Seattle, WA
85th and Greenwood
YYJ, Duncan, Yomega, Henry’s, good selection)
(laurier - April 3, 2006)
(Nathan - Oct. 24, 2006)


Kenosha - Laboratory Toys
5820 6th Avenue A
Kenosha, WI 53143
Small mom and pop toy store here in Kenosha. They carry a few Duncans (Mosquitos, FH2s, Butterflies, Imperials, Wheels) and a lot of Yomegas. (Fireball, Brain, Brain XP, Raiders, Saber Raiders, brain lube, cases, and the Yomega instructional DVD)
(Drunk Monk - Oct 14, 2006)

Any others? Additions welcome. Press the image button to edit this post if you wish to add a new entry or make a correction.


South West PA, since that’s where I live:

Hobby Express:
1713 Route 228 # K
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066-5313
(724) 779-2000
Open Weekdays 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 11am-4pm

Duncan Freehands, and others in their HardCore collection.
Yomega Brians, Maverick, and Fireball
Occasional YYF

Playthings Etc.:
2483 William Flynn Hwy (Route Eight)
Butler, PA 16001-8019
(724) 285-7529
Open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm

Very Remote.

Duncan and Yomega.
Occasionally other brands.
Great Diablo Selection
Nice Place

Dunham’s Sports
2650 Ellwood Road, New Castle, PA 16101-6262 (724) 657-8833 ‎

All of Duncan’s HardCore Collection

That… That’s about it! ;D

Sunshine Kite Company
110 Fisherman’s Wharf
Redondo Beach, California
(On the Pier)

Sells mostly yyj and yyf, but other brands too


Mudpuddles Toys and Books
16420 SW Langer Dr
Sherwood, OR 97140

(503) 625-7699

Only YYF. They have demo’s of almost everything they carry. Every once in a while, someone (me) volunteers to help teach yoyo tricks.

when i was in NJ i noticed tons of yoyos. I saw 888’s at 2 stores, g5’s, protostar, counter attacks, bigyo’s, dv888, raptors, and a bunch of other ones. I saw some of them on the boardwalk of Ocean City, NJ. A store called Air Circus. Another store was in Stone Harbor, NJ. It’s name had something to with kites.

Christiansburg, VA
Adventure Hobbies
(not sure about the address)

can and will order yyf for you and you just pay retail price as long as you can pick up from there. They have in stock G5, Dv888, Protostar, PGM2, 888x, JK, Counter Attack, Genesis, & others…

Appleton, Wisconsin

Galaxy Science And Hobby
1607 n. Richmond st.
Appleton, Wisconsin 54911

they carry YYJ, YYF, SPYY, ILYY, Foxland Precision, One Drop, Vsnc, Hamstring, Clyw, ect…

all the employes throw and they have a club meet there every thursday.

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The Toy Jungle in South Carolina is closed. But there’s a place called Boardwalk and Parkplace that sells duncan and yomega

Toy Chest in Connecticut is located in West Hartford.

dragons toy box in seattle. pike street, carries yomegas duncan freehand line and flying pandas and the occasional fast 201

golden apple in California no longer sells yoyos

YoYo Loco is THE BEST store in Colorado to purchase any YoYo you can think of. Located “on the main street of the scenic and historic town of Manitou Springs, Colorado – at the base of Pikes Peak and a short hike from the red rock splendor of Garden of the Gods Park” they are stellar in service.

I bought my Spyy Solaris there and the owner went through EVERY box looking for the Solaris I liked best. He was getting ready to close his store when I arrived, and I didn’t want to cut into his personal time…the guy was so Yostatic (ecstatic with a Yo) that he stayed and helped me out for over 45 minutes, going over some alternate suggestions; even though they were much less expensive choices than the Solaris. He wanted to make sure I got the right Yo for my personal style.

He showed me one Spyy (Radian?) and then found this teeny tiny error in the anno and put it back, saying he couldn’t sell it as regular inventory. I could barely see it, heck, after one day of using a Yo I would put on 10x the marks.

If you’re in the Colorado Springs area it’s worth the drive, not just for spectacular scenery, but for a trip to this store. Incredible inventory (best I’ve seen west of the Mississippi) and the service is fantastic.


Atomic comics in AZ has gone out if businesses :’(

Cat and mouse in Chicago. I didn’t see it listed. I don’t know the exact address but I’ve heard it’s awesome

There is this place at the southcoast plaza (mall) that sells a wide arrangement of yo-yo’s from duncan to yomega and other toys. I have only been to this puzzle zoo but i am sure other puzzle zoo’s have a bigger selection of yo-yo’s. This is the one i go to:
(714) 662-1600
Sun 11AM-6:30PM, Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-8PM

but it seems that they have other shops in CA in one in Dallas TX you can see the website here for more details on the other shops

mackinaw kite shop in grand haven michigan is pretty cool, thats were i picked up yoyoing! but idk how many michigan throwers are out there. ive only met one other yoyoer and it seemed like he was just starting.

they have the classics: fixed axle duncans and whatnot. The best one they have there is a Maverick by yomega. they have tons of other skill stuff though! the workers there can do a majority of them well there are so many awesome things out and about in this era!

Most Toys R Us Carries Yomega’s.
Dollar store has some fairly decent loopers for beginners.

Johnson City and Kingsport Tennessee

Bear and Friends Toys

Carries YYF and Yomega