Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets (real store) only


There’s this small, friendly toyshop called Jitterbugs in Irvine, California where they sell Butterflys, Imperials, Fireballs, Raiders, and Proyos.

I bought my first yoyo there (fireball) as well as my favorite yoyo (Butterfly)


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3700 Rivertown Pkwy SW Grandville, MI 49418
Rivertown mall - The Toy Shelf
Mid Level Duncans, low end Yomegas, many yoyojams ranging from celcon line to “50 to 100 dollar yoyos” that they have in the back.
January 25th, 2011.


i have been to the air circus on the board walk and in the hamilton mall


Little update, Wal-mart, target, and etc. do NOT sell yoyos


ive traded on these forums with an employee…he was d4kn-something-something-something


d4kn355 it is supposed to say “darkness”


S.W. Randalls in Pittsburgh sells yoyo factory, Duncan and I believe Spin tastic. They have yyf dv888, protostar, velocity, whip and one, I believe. They also carry the raptor, hayabusa and a bunch of other duncans. Finally they carry a couple spintastic throws, I think the tornado and tiger shark. its a great store and they are extremely helpful. They have several locations through out pittsburgh


Josh’s Toys and Games in Pheasant Lane Mall - Nashua, NH has a wide selection of Yomegas

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The Toy Shelf in the Rivertown Mall in Grandville, Michigan has an 888x, Supernova, PGM, DV888, YYJ Bi Metels, YYJ ENEME, a few cheaper YYJ and YYFs, and some brains. Also a YYJ Dragonjam.


Not an actual store but yoyofactory and a small amount of yoyo jam (mostly offstring) is sold at the allyoyo meets in AZ. (more info in this thread http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,43596.msg422619.html#msg422619 )


once in a while walgreens sells " peterfish yoyos" and butterflys/imperials.
big 5 sells pocket pros and duncans:

pockt pros: i saw a
- zombie
- vampire
- stinger

duncan: - throw monkey
butterfly/ imperial
- flying panda

some museums sell yoyos, too:

tech museum of silicon valley:
(yo)2 yoyos: flexgap, delta, and i few others sorry i forgot!

exploratorium sells mosquito and flying panda ( san francisco)

a small franchise called “marbles the brain store” has stores in the west coast only, as far as im concerned.

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Learning express supposedly has some stuff. I’d ask ed.


I’m sorry if I missed’em. I didn’t see yoyoexperts location on here and I know some have gone there and purchased stuff and one drop in Oregon has a store you can walk into.


In California redondo beach there is a store called the sunshine kite company which supplies a large selection of yoyos. Here’s there address:
110 Fisherman’s Wharf
Redondo Beach, California 90278
(On the Pier)


For yoyofactory yoyos, you can get one at PM hobbycraft in white horse in the North East

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Whitehorse is nowhere near Calgary, is it?

There are 2 near your vicinity:

Livingstone and Cavell in Calgary. They carry SPYY and etc.
United Cycle in Edmonton. This one is a bit of a trip…

You can join the Calgary YoYo Club AKA YORAD to attend and try new things.
They meet monthly.



Try PM Hobby Craft:


There is mr mopps in Berkeley that sells yoyo jam and Duncan. It is on Martin L king road.


Anyone know any yoyo stores in Iowa?