hobby stores???


ok, I read things like “go to your local hobby store. they should have one there” and things like that. as far as i know, there are none around me. are there any poular hobby store names that i might know, just havent thought of?


Ever heard of hobbytown?


I know this is not answering your question, but you can email a hobby store and ask them to stock a certain product. I got mine to sell duncans :’( And I’m trying to get them to sell Yoyojams.

(Waylon) #4

That’s realy a good question. Can you find quality yoyos at places like Toys R Us or any other retail outlet?


At least where I am, Wal-Mart and T’rU are a bust. $3 Duncan’s and not much else. I imagine it’s the same with these two no matter where you are.

That said, I have no local purchase options, so it’s the 'net for me.

(Derek) #6

That’s same with me, i find wal-marts and toys r us doesn’t have any good yoyos.

(Waylon) #7

the best i’ve seen at walmart is the mosquito. havent tried target or meijer yet. maybe we could all try to take a look?

(system) #8

A2Z specializes in yoyos. 57 King Street, Northampton, MA A-Two-Z.com

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #9

THERES ONE IN MONTEBELLO MALL CALLED Hypnotized Hobbies or sunshine kite company in redondo beach