Where to buy a decent yo-yo locally? (Austin, TX)


Hello everyone, I’m new here. I was into yo-yo’s about 10 years ago when I was in high school. I recently bought a $3 Duncan yo-yo at Walmart while on vacation for something to do. I’ve been bit by the bug again and want to get back in the hobby. I was amazed that my muscle memory still remembered how to do “split the atom” even after a decade of not doing it.

As usual with my impatient self, I’d like to buy a decent yo-yo locally instead of having to wait for one to be shipped. Is there a retail chain that sells these? I know HobbyTown sells some, but judging from their website, they are all Yomega. I used to have a YYJ DragonJam and would like to buy something like a Dark Magic (or anything comparable in that price range). Anyone know of a specific place in Austin (or even San Antonio) that sells decent yo-yo’s? Short of calling every hobby shop and toy store I don’t know where else to look. I might just end up doing that tomorrow. Google didn’t return many results for this.

Thanks for any help!


The Texas State Yo-Yo Contest is coming up soon. You should be able to find a yo-yo there if you can go.


That’s about all I can find, so buying one online might just be the better bet for getting it sooner.


That’s awesome. I’ll have to see about going to that.

I’m going to keep my eyes open for a place locally. Part of this is because my wife is going out of town for a week starting Tuesday and I’ll need something to occupy my time.


branching on this theme, do any stores sell quality yoyo’s? i mean besides duncan and yomega, i can never find yoyo’s at stores. so besides online and at contests, is thier any, i suppose drivable places, that yoyos can be bought at?


Well, whether or not they are “drivable” will be based on where you live, but there are some.


so what stores sell them. by stores i mean like walmart, target (which do not sell them) type stores


In that case, nope. I hear that they used to have Freehands at WalMart and maybe ToysRUs, but not anymore.


that…stinks :-[

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You have no idea how lucky you are. Just make the best out of what you have.


I guess, i’m just frusterated on how downgraded yoyoing is, i mean, i seriouly had no idea yoyo’s were sold any more until i found one on the street, got intrested, and looked it up online!

but your right, i should be more optomistic of what i gots! :wink: