Where do you buy your Yoyo stuff from locally?

I live here in Minnesota and the closest place to buy yoyo that I know of are from Air Traffic Kites and Games in the Mall of America. They don’t have much and that is why I am asking this question. You don’t necessarily have to be in my area to post at all, you can post where you get your stuffs from so others near your area can get more knowledge like I am trying to get more knowledge in my area.


yoyoexpert. they are in MA. Andre has a brick and mortor store called a 2 z science in east Hampton too.


I been wondering if SW Randall still sells yoyos here in Pittsburgh. I saw on YouTube they used to have a ton. Gonna have to go sometime.

Also, has anyone ever gone to the other large online distributor in Erie? I seen on their website they say you can go there. I’m about 2 hours away. Would be awesome to check out.


Here in Colorado we’re blessed to have a little local shop that’s actually dedicated to yo-yos and Kendama. It’s about an hour or so from me but if I don’t make it there physically shipping costs next to nothing and usually arrives in a day or two lol


I used to have yoyo joes in wilmington, de which was like a 20 minute drive. It was mainly a kids toy store but the register area had a ton of high end yoyos you could try before buying. It closed down many years ago but my last purchase in person was a b grade gnarwhal.


Best part about having a physical store close. The shop closest to me has a little area with rubber mats and such where you can try out whatever you’d like before you purchase


Where is this? The one I am thinking about has been closed for in store shopping for a long time now, would be awesome if they were back open.

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I am in Oklahoma City a few stem education stores in the area have a small section with one or two throw choices from well know larger companies with mass produced ( inexpensive) very capable throws. Great for getting into throws but no one to aid you that knows anything or could help point you even in the correct direction.
Most of these stores you can pull the old
“Hey this yo-yo is broken it wound come back”
They will try and it will not come back
Then you fane changing something with the throw then, try again and bind it back to your hand with a snap and say fixed it for you.

Yo-yo expert the yo-yo forms and company web sites those are the best places I get my stuffs.

Too bad one less place to get great String from.
My final restock order from BadWolf came in today.

Mixed emotions on days like today, happy to get strings sad to see BadWolf go


Yeah they moved from Manitou Springs to Breckinridge maybe seven-ish years ago? You can still do pickups from orders online though at a new location in Colorado Springs, where I think eventually they’re gonna move to again lol. It’s super confusing when you look it up because it’s saying their location is closed and/or in the Springs but they are still rockin in Breck atm.


Who’s Hobby House in downtown Rapid City. Went in one day for some Vallejo game color and walked out with a red Cascade that had been sitting there for a couple years. Pretty much only YYF and Duncan in there now. Newest thing I saw was a couple of YYF Switchblades.
I think it is just me and tourists that buy the metal yoyos there.

Have you tried the Rosedale or Ridgedale stores? Haven’t been to either in awhile but the Rosedale store had a larger selection than the MOA store.

Nowhere. However, we’re hours from any of the major cities and we’re lucky we have gas stations and a dollar store so, not too many choices.


Dunhams always has a variety of cheap Duncan’s I never see yoyos in stores besides there

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Red Balloon is a local shop that used to stock Shutters, idk if they still do tho

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Also, Hobby Lobby has the whip. Terrible store but at least they got a great yoyo.

Closed on Sunday. You my Chick-fil-A.

YoYoDoc has more yoyos than He could sell or trade in a Life Time.
Go Figure, he is drowning in yoyos, I mean Choking!

Feel free to Buy Sell Trade with him if you live in the North American Continent and/or if He views you favorably. Flood his Email.

My experiences thus far have been less than favorable, but having said that, exhaust all your resources, it may be worth while…don’t under estimate the power of generosity.

Die Try’n…Support Local.

YoYoExpert 4Sure…if you haven’t a Clue~

I’m headed to the states at the end of the year. Are there any brick and motor stores I should visit in New York or LA?

I have a store in another state called the YoYoShop. It’s not bricks and mortar and they only have a very limited selection of yoyos. They only stock really standard kind of stuff from YYF, Yoyofriends, Duncan and Vosun.

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No local stores in the bay area so YYE is my go to.

There’s a shop about an hour’s drive away that sells Circus supplies (juggling etc).

They have a decent yoyo assortment. And were kind enough to host our most recent Dutch meet up.