Do you live near a yoyo store!?

So I’m just curious of how many of you live near a store that sells yoyos. I live on long island, and I have yet to find a store near me where I can try out yoyos. I usually just look at the specs of a yoyo, and buy it if I like it. I’m lookin to try something new.

Do you all try out yoyos before you buy em?
Or do you do what I do, and just buy what appears to fit you best?

I guess you could consider the Sunshine Kite company close to me. :slight_smile:

I just buy a yoyo if I like it’s name. There aren’t any stores I know of near me.

I live in Redwood City, not too far to the yoyo museum in Chico.

Happy Throwing! =]

not that i know of. i wish though that would be sweet!!!

Nope. Not even close.

for me, a 1 hr journey… considered far in singapore ;D

yoyojoes ;D

I’m moving near A2Z.

i live in maryland and there is not a yoyo store in maryland it makes me sad an i do what u do

Sunshine Kite Company.

'Bout an hour away.

since i live in santa ana i remember that i think someone said that sunshite was like 30 minutes away and chico is farther

No stores. But I live near long isalnd! In NYC!

Well Turf is in San Mateo.
They are an urban boutique that sold lots of metals.
Anti-yo,Hspin, yoyojams too and some YYF, but they have since stopped selling yoyo stuff and now just sell urban clothing stuff.
Mostly shoes.

After that…
Juggling store in Santa Barbara, and Bird in Hand in chico, then Sunshine Kite company.


I live about 15-20 minutes away from YYN.

nope. i live in upstate NY and not only are there no yoyo stores, there isnt any yoyoers neer me :frowning:

30 minutes from yoyojoes.

not hijacking this thread, just adding a question to it, where would the closest yoyo store be for me? im in socal, the town is lancaster/palmdale… My guess are the ones on Jayyo’s list?

Lucky! There no yoyo stores anywhere near Northern Virginia, as far as I know.