Yoyo Stores around or close to the Boston, MA area??

I’m in college now so I have met new people in the past few weeks. One day I pulled out my yoyo because I was bored and instantly drew attention. A few of my friends wanted to know if there are any stores in, around, or close to Boston, MA so they could purchase their own yoyos to learn on. Close enough to be able to walk or take the subway. A2Z is too far away for either so that is ruled out unfortunately. But if there are any other stores that sell yoyojams or basically any yoyos of equal or greater quality, please direct me to that store. It would be pretty helpful.


A2Z is the closest one I think.

You may find a few duncans somewhere in a local store, but you unfortunaltly can’t get very far with those.

Plan a trip to A2Z if they seem really interested, if it really isn’t posible to go (I know you’re probably really busy), then ordering online is the next best thing.

I can try. But yea, college is making it pretty hard to go anywhere other than if its for college. Are you sure if there aren’t any other stores around the Boston area that sells decent yoyos? There has to be some other place.

YoYoExpert.com is located in MA :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah andre has alot of yoyos…
thinking…plot…more yoyos…

I talked to him about that cause I’m around Boston too and he says that there’s no physical location so you can’t go buy yoyos…

But you can order online and probably arrange to pick it up instead of having to pay for it to be shipped to you.

André being who he is he would probably do it but in the ammount of time it takes to plan a trip and call YYE, an order would have been shipped and arrived cause we are so close… Plus shipping (regular) is $5 gas to get there from Boston is roughly $10-$15… Unless you really needed to see André…

i am making a store here but its not major just like yyj and yyf

For real? In MA? Where?

but you wont have to wait