Visited YoYoExpert store today

Learning from Youtube videos just wasn’t working for me so this morning I looked up where a close-to-me yoyo club was. Imagine my surprise when I found out that YoyoExpert is only about 45 minutes from my house. Sweet. I jumped on my bike and headed up to get some help.

The guys at the store (sorry I don’t remember anyone’s name, I was too jazzed just to have someone to help) were great. They spent nearly an hour answering my questions and giving me tips on what I was messing up with my throws. I was so grateful that I picked up a couple of new yoyos. A Yoyo Factory Uppercut and since I’m a Duncan guy from the olden days, a Freehand. Now that I know where they are I’m sure I’ll be picking up quite a few more. Seeing the huge selection in person is so much more gratifying than shopping online. If you are within driving distance of Easthampton MA they are definitely worth a visit.


Very cool! Im in a large metrapolotin area and am not aware of any yoyo shops nearby. Some the hobby stores used to carry a few but they quit carrying them years ago. For such a large city, the scene where I am is non existant. Glad you had fun at the store, Id like to experience that one day!


Thats cool! i love going to yoyoexpert


Very cool!! I work in Marlborough a lot (currently here actually) and I did the same thing, just popped in as it was on my way. I was surprised that they don’t actually have a store front. It was a fun visit though. Racks and racks of YOYO!!! What!! :joy:

André owns this toy store too which isn’t to far. They have a ton of yo-yos here as well. This is where they hold yoyo club.

Address: 57 King St, Northampton, MA 01060


Oh interesting, I always imagined that A2Z and YYE shared the same space.


I’m going there on Friday to start learning how not to be horrible. Hopefully I won’t be the only old guy.


Excellent! Great place to start. Hopefully you get to meet André or Eric Koloski, two legends of the game.

Is this spot any closer on the bike?

Age ain’t no thing. I didn’t find yo-yo until I was almost 50! lol. Look out though, these youngsters are rippin it.

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I’m down in Connecticut so I go up Rt 10. A2Z is about 5 miles or so further up from Easthampton for me. Rush hour traffic through Southwick/Westfield/Easthampton are the only annoyances. The GPS would want me to go up 91 but the interstate through Springfield is a parking lot during the afternoons.

I’ll go an hour or so early to avoid much of rush hour.


Nice! I go to A2Z yoyo club every friday and saturday so i will see you there!


Were you there today? I was the old guy in the Harley Davidson t-shirt.

I was there! Usually there is a lot more people but a lot of them were in New York that day. They also do slinky and kendama clubs that you can see on A2Z website. then next will be slinky club on march 31st but of course there is yoyo club two times a week. i was the kid who had black hair and i had a a yoyo shirt with two yoyos walking the dog. i also was the first one there.