Yoyoexpert store?


Hey y’all, I love in eastern mass, about a couple hours away from the yoyo hotspot Northampton. I heard people saying there was a yoyoexpert store around there. I’ve gone to the area several times and I’m planning on going again. Is there a store I can visit?


Yes u can. Give them a call and make an appointment. A good 2 to 3 days notice helps. It’s well worth the drive. Time it so u can hit up A2Z yoyo school…


So it’s not really the kind of place here you can just walk in?


Not really. But it’s well worth the trip…


I just went this last week just give them a call or send an email it’s was so worth it! They let u try the throws and are super friendly.


Im assuming you can buy the yoyos there as well. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I just emailed them. I can’t wait! ;D


Yes of course you can buy yoyos…