new hampshire help?

im in new hampshire and am looking for some help with yoyo tricks and if you know of any contests send or reply to this post. thanks everyone!

im from boston and it seems like the only thing yoyo related in new england is in northampton, ma at the a2z store. thats like almost a 2 hr drive for me so i stlil havent made the trip yet. haha

I’m from southern NH, and a2z is the place closest to you, to buy yoyos, and to get lessons.

What area of NH, we could get together.

thanks i just found out that im only… bout 30-45 mins away ill go check it out. i went to the website and it looks like a good place, so they sell accessories and stuff too right?

there are places in NH thats only 30-45 mins away from northampton? wow haah


I have been to A2Z and its in northampton MA, not NH. Its like a 3 hour drive, not kidding.

There’s actually a ton of yoyoers in the Boston area. We try to have meetups as often as possible, but it’s been tough to find indoor space during the winter. Once it warms up, I’m sure we’ll have some meets on the Boston Common, or some other public area.

There was more! Why didn’t anyone tell me?!?

Elen keep me posted on when the next meet-up is. :wink:

Yeah i mean out of my whole town i get shunned cause im retro and yoyo, ide definatly like to meet others that yoyo as well, so i dont feel soo… Different, so if we do have a meet up, whats the clostest town between nashua, nh and boston, mass? If we meet up it should be around there

wow i didnt know that! yea lets all keep each other posted on wats going down in boston! can you guys recommend any shops in the area?

Do you live in Nashua?



well i live about 10 mins from there, the closest town to me is hudson, nh. im 15, and still practicin but yeah, i hope im gettin better.

Wow, your really close by…
Check your messages


That was a fun get together. Should do it again some time soon.