Meets in eastern mass?

Hey all, so I already posted this question in the clubs/meets section but it’s been over a week and that thread only has 26 views, and the rest of the section has low views, anyway I’m not confident many people are seeing it.

Does anyone know of meets or clubs in or around Boston, MA? Thank you!!!

Sorry about the lack of response.  I’m in the same area, and when I have time to attend meets, I travel one hour to New Hampshire Yo-Yo Club meets.  Really cool group of people, and it’s still growing too.  There is always something special going on.  They had their own contest last spring, and have a great indoor space.  You can PM “Fellavader” for details, or post in here:,39917.0.html

If you don’t drive, or prefer to stay really local, there’s Boston Throwers…they meet outdoors on the Boston Common.  You can PM “TAB,” for details.

Also, if you are willing to travel two hours, there’s Dog Bite yo-yo club sponsored by A2Z Science and Learning in Northampton, MA.  YoyoExpert and Dog Bite merged for the last meet, and they had a contest called Throwdown, that should be happening quarterly.  It was a great contest and jam packed, so if you can get there, you’d love that too.  There are a lot of options around here.  You can PM “mgiroux77” for details about A2Z classes twice a week out there too.  Bunch of yo-yoers there as well.

Happy throwing.  :slight_smile:

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Just FYI, “Easter Mass” and “Eastern Massachusetts” are completely different things.

hey dude guess what u live right near the yoyo capital of the new england area u live near Northampton i no A2Z science and learning has decent throws and a meeting thing check there.

A meet during Easter Mass would be highly inappropriate. Entertaining, but inappropriate. ;D

It’s all good! I don’t think I can drive more than a half hour to a meet unless it’s a special occasion such as a contest or big event. I’ll PM TAB, although it’s getting cold here so I don’t think they’ll be meeting much. Maybe I can get them to go to Boston Spin Jam though which is a meeting for spinning artists, mainly poi, rope dart, and contact staff currently but they’re very welcoming to all :slight_smile: If anyone wants details on that just PM me