Boston, MA

Does anybody live near or around boston? I’ve been looking to get better and i need advice. There is barely anybody around here. I found one person who lives in my city, Waltham, but he hasn’t been active on the forums since February. Anybody wanna meet up?

ya man I am from Boston.


I get together in Boston with some guys every now and then. I also run a club in Manchester NH it’s about a 45 minute drive from Boston. We have around 20 members.

Maybe from downtown Boston. Takes me at least an hour, more like an hour and ten minutes. Do you have someone who can drive you there? That, or western M.A., at A2Z store, a 2 hour drive, has the best meets around here.

Boston Represent! We are in the house. 8)

I once met up with the same guys in Boston a couple weeks ago in the Boston Common for a throw down. Pretty nice fellas, they let me try all of their yo-yos, teach me some new tricks, etc. They are very talented :). They also get food together after yo-yoing their butts off. My only issue with it is how sporadic the meets are. It would be nice to have a regular weekly meeting time.

If anyone is down to get something weekly and regular going on in Boston (I am from Attleboro), I am happy for that. If anyone in RI area also would want to yo with me I’d be down to try it out.

If you Boston guys are interested in joining the Boston Throwers page, here it is:

they might meet this saturday :wink: I Might go.

I was there with you. I’m Adam. The older guy.

There is a yoyo club in Providence that is run by Graeme Steller from one drop. They meet monthly.

thanks for turning me on to the RI yoyo club. Also, I remember you, you’re a cool guy, very chilled. lol i just randomly thought back the time we entered the Burger joint, we both took off our shades at the same time, looked at each other, and paused, we both said ‘…u look different.’ haha. stupid moment I enjoyed it.

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Wow! I didn’t think there were so many people on the east coast of mass. Boston throwers are meeting tomorrow at 84 mass ave in cambridge. Anyone going?

well i wasn’t going at first, but considering that I found someone’s iPad tonight in Boston, i might have to take a trip back and have them meet me at MIT for the throw down. it’s long shot, but i might turn up.

I’m in needham, not too far from Boston/ Waltham.