Throwers from Boston, MA ??

i started throwing about 8 months now!!! and i couldnt find any fellows throwers around! seems like im the only one in Boston. I did some research but couldnt find any club or anyone around the Boston area. There is Northampton but its too far away… i need someone i can discuss yoyoing with.

If you take a road trip this Friday is Dog Bite yoyo club. It would blow your mind how active western MA and and New Hampshire yoyo clubs are.

I was not into yoyos when I lived in W MA. I lived IN northampton until 6 years ago. Now I am 150+ minles away, and wishing I were back there…

I’ll be in the area the first week of october roughly. Hoping to make it to some kind of yoyo realted event, even if it is just a trip to YYE.

My grandpa lives there and every once in a while i visit.

Plan on visiting YYE and Dog Bite (I think the club I plan on visiting is Dog Bite…?) on Friday the 11th. All of the peoples should come!

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There are a bunch of us in Boston, we call ourselves the Boston Throwers. We usually meet at the gazebo on Boston Common, every other weekend or so. PM me and I’ll figure out how to add you to the facebook group thingy.

You should never need to drive 2 hours just to find another person who yo-yos.

I live in Needham MA! I would love to get together sometime!