does anyone throw in boston?

i just started going to school in downtown boson (Beacon Hill) and i was wondering if there is anyone that throws from around here?

Oh yeah! Sent you a message!

Wander out to western mass, we have plenty of community members out here.

how long would the be? and would i be able to take the T?

The store is in Easthampton, about 100 miles from Boston. When Coffelt says “western mass” not sure of how far west he is.

Hit up A2Z down in Northampton, always welcoming new folks

I’m in Waltham daily.

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I know there used to be a club (not sure how active they are now).  NH yoyo club is based out of Manchester, NH… Not too far from Boston.  Your best best is to come out to Northampton/Easthampton…  We have A2Z…  Dogbite…  Well and…  ummmm  YYE… :)  It is worth the drive…  Oh and there is the Throwdown too…

If you are Facebook check this link out… A ton of info for North Easterners.