Throwers in Mass.?

I’m going to visit my grandparents wondering if there are any throwers in the newton/Boston area

There are quite a few in the area. YYE is based out of the Boston area.

If you consider the whole of Massachusetts to be “Boston area,” sure. It’s actually based out of the complete other side of Massachusetts, but the state is so small that it hardly matters. In optimal conditions it’s a 1.5-2 hour drive.

I hop around between Pepperell, Acton, and West Newbury, so I’m pretty much always in the northeast; I hardly ever make my way down to Boston anymore.

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Represent! Represent! ;D There are a some of us. I often drive to New Hampshire yo-yo club, about an hour away. You should come to a club meet sometime. There’s a thread in the contest section.

A2Z you can see Eric Koloski there, he’s very nice. Nick Gumlaw (Spin Dynamics) works there. Great guy. Dan dietz, Tylor Mcallamore, I can’t even list em all!

Thaaank You!

To the OP I live in Malden which is a 15 minute drive from Boston. The NH yoyo club seems to be the place to go for the throwers in Boston.

I live in Boxborough right now! You live in Action or just travel near there?

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IM IN NEEDHAM :smiley:

I’m near Worcester, so i’m not really that close to any of you guys.

I currently live in the house we’re trying to sell in Pepperell, I go to our new house in West Newbury on weekends, and I go to Acton to see my Dad. Once school starts, I’ll be living in Fitchburg again.

I’m in NH, but I grew up (and my family still live) in western MA, home of YYE and A2Z. I can’t believe that was all there the whole time I was living there, and didn’t know it. Never even saw the yoyos at A2Z, and had been there many times. My parents are just 10 minutes up the street form A2Z.

Can’t wait until the fall to stop by when I visit my parents next.

In NH as well, basically on the state line between MA and NH. Boston is like a 40 minute drive for me.

NH yoyo club is starting up again in September so hope to see you guys at some of the meets. Working on NH state yoyo contest as well for early 2014.

In Nashua?

We are hosting a bbq this Saturday in Nashua but the club meets are in Manchester.

So how’d it go? Hope you guys had a great time throwing… and eating!

The BBQ was awesome!!! Great time and great friends!!

NH is the place to be if you live in Bean Town… Western MA is a trek well worth it though. Once the fall kicks in then Dogbite will begin. Dogbite is a yoyo clun in Northampton sponsored by A2Z. It is the 2nd Friday of the month and is always a great time!!!

What part of MA and when. I’m on the Southcoast.

I’m right in Boston. Anybody in Boston/Cambridge (accessible by T)?