Throwers in eastern Massachusetts?

Hey! Just wanted to know if there was anybody who lived in eastern mass to start a yoyo club there! I have been yoyoing for about a year and 1/4, but im not very good, seeing as i have never gotten the chance to go to a yoyo club. Lets start one here! Anyone else?

There are plenty in that area. I’m in Pepperell, northeasterm MA, myself. I throw meets and yearly BBQs in Nashua NH for the local MA and NH guys on occasion. There are also the NH meets and events put together by Adam Lord. A quick search on the forums will get you threads regarding such.

I’ve been trying to make my school club in the Worcester area become a regional club, but right now, we don’t have a venue or the funds to run it.

I’m from the Worcester area! Let me know if you guys decide to get anything together, I’d love to join.

You’ll be the first to know once I find a place to host a monthly club meet!

I’m in reading, and I’ve actually thought about getting a club together too, I talked to my library, which had an empty conference room, which we could use once a month

If you’re in Reading, you’re actually kinda close to the NH yoyo club, which meets in Manchester, NH.

Do you go to the Nh club? I’m up in Nashua quite a bit. I need to hang out with some other throwers!

Yeah, I go as often as I can. Adam runs a great club.

I went there for the one year anniversary, and had a great time! I couldn’t make it back yet though :-.

I was there too! We might have bumped into each other.

Any of you guys close to Lowell? I leave in a week, and just wanted to see if anyone wanted to throw a bit?

About 30 minutes from me. I go to school at Umass.

I am basically on the boarder of Mass and NH, near Nashua.

Yoyo BBQ this Saturday in Nashua NH Geeley park which isn’t far from MA all are welcome

Man I wish! I’ll be in Laconia for the weekend enjoying Lake Winnipesaukee!

I’m actually replying for my son. He’s been yoyo ing for 3/4 years now. And is 15. Would love something local.

sounds great!

Hey, you guys should check out the Eli Hops for Hope yoyo battle! I went last year, and it was tons of fun! Here’s a link to their thread:,26034.msg716880.html#msg716880

U guys wanna meet up there maybe? Try to get a club or something going?